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A Map for Day of Defeat: Source

EZ Fraggin Fight Arena

Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read this and download yet another variation of Orange_Fight_Arena.

One of Day of Defeat Source's longest standing user created map gets another beautiul map re-design. This map is a full

 blown redesign of dod_orange_fight_arena, with an Opti twist on it.

Since I have been working lately on higher resolution gaming, and higher render quality on games this map WILL requeire you

have your graphics settings boosted to see the cubemaps in the map. The floors, walls and trim all have a reflective mask

allowing the map to give off a more, realistic and glossy feel to it. The cubemaps are not perfect by any means,

so if you'r going to giv feedback please refrain from doing so on the cubemaps, I already know the issues I am having with

them lol.

This map offers not additional modifications to the original variation other than changing the sandbag models from models 

to just brushes in the world.

This map was designed for the EZF/ clan and is currently the server's official map. The map should be optimized enough for gameplay on multiplayer servers

(tested and true) and should little to no FPS rate reduction whilst playing in game on this map.

I know there are already a LOT of re-hashs' of Orange_Fight_Arena however I don't see the issue with adding one more.

Especially one that looks this good in game.

With this being said, this is the way it was requested to be designed. I did add the reflectivity after a bit of playing

around with reflective glass, but after I got that we decided this would be the best look and variation of this

map for this server.

As said before, this map was made specifically for a server, and hence the server owners wishes were placed into the map upon request with minor tweaks and changes.

This map can support up to 32 players in game. 16 Allies and 16 Axis character spawns on the map. All weapins are allowed on

the map, and every file needed to run the map is paked into the map itself. Meaning you will not have to 

download extra materials etc. and you will not have to force your consumer to download a bunch of files. This is one file,

but included in the file is all the textures, vmt. vtf. and rad. files you will need to get this map up and operational.

If you have any issues with streched textures, or it looks like "Zeus' kitchen, thanreload the map and it should work fine with no hitches. For some reason

on our server, it stretched all the textures til we reloaded the map.

Thanks for downloading and have a terrific day!

Happy Fragging! 



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