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A Map for Team Fortress 2


Version 4
  • BugFix Fixed the area portal at obby
  • BugFix Fixed a vent that didn't have a damage filter on it
  • Improvement Climb now ends with a cage
Verison 3
  • Addition trigger_push on train cart to prevent players from getting stuck
  • Addition damage trigger in climb
  • Addition vents are now on red damage filters
  • Addition obby difficulty buttons now lock when there are players in the game


A brand new jailbreak map 3 months in the making.

Includes most of the basic games such as:
  • 9 Square
  • Crush Game
  • Fall Game
  • Deathrun
  • Sweeper (With a second bar you can toggle.)
  • Arena Pit (Doubles as pool.)
  • Soccer
  • Bowling
  • Jumprope
  • Obby
  • Jeopardy
  • Minefield
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Disco

Along with renamed games such as:
  • Steady Tim (Steady Pace but with an inside joke.)
  • Ninja Warrior (Climb.)
  • Stage Funkiness (Inside joke version of Stage Chaos.)

Also includes:
  • Mario Kart (With some challenging gameplay.)
  • Quickdraw (A two player game in which the red team must have their backs turned until a countdown finishes. Then, both must spin around to hit a button, the loser can either be punished by death, or the game can be restarted if there was an error.)

Some other features:
  • A drivable train (You can stand on its front cart and make it move. You can also hit a lever to change the path takes.)
  • Plenty of hidden ammo spots and ways to rebel
  • Four Disco songs, plus one secret hidden one
  • That good ol' wild west mine aesthetic
  • Plenty of inside jokes

Thanks for reading! Let me know if there is any  I can improve/fix in the map.


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  • 1mo
    Adding to Deniable's comment, the map of the minigame "mario kart" is near impossible to finish in one go since the lava leads to instant death. Perhaps add a damage trigger of like 20% each time you fall in the lava instead of it being instant death. Also the hole you need to break to destroy the electric control pannel is pretty hard to get into. Overall this map is  quite nice. I love the theme and quite like the train feature (though it can be buggy at times). Every minigame works perfectly fine and the lighting is on point. Keep up the nice work!


  • 1moEdited 1mo
    Deniable avatar
    Deniable Joined 1y ago
    592 points Ranked 7865th
    Heyo, new map.

    There are a couple things I wanna get into before I start stating actual criticism. 

    First off I wanna thank you for spending time on a new map. It's always nice to get new content for jailbreak wether good or bad, and I have plenty of respect for all jb mappers.

    Second off I wanna say that even though I don't put a lot of thought into my own detailing when mapping, I'm still going to point out a few flaws with yours due to it's aesthetic based nature.

    Now for the actual criticism.

    The layout
    The map's layout reminds me of 2 maps in particular, famouz and chretien. Although obviously reduced in size. I think this will play pretty well ingame, due to the amount of hiding spots and rebelling oppertunity. Although it will also serve to delay rounds be it intentional or unintentional for the same reason. 

    One thing that really reminds me of chretien os the armoury, I'm guessing this is intentional considering how specific it is. I can't really tell you if this is a good or a bad thing because it's entirely based on how it's connected to rebel spots.

    I feel as if the train is an unnecessary feature that won't get much use outside of griefing. It's also most likely going to be very obnoxious for players roaming the map. If anything it'll be used as a tool for freekillers or as a way for heavies to gain undeserved speed. How you can go about fixing this isn't really something I can help you with, because it would require more room in corridors.

    The aesthetic
    For the most part you've done a pretty good job of capturing the underground feel, although there are a couple things I don't really understand. For example, why would there be a train there, and why is there a direct opening that reveals the skybox(in sweeper)? I get that not everything is meant to be taken seriously, but you should atleast try to keep it somewhat realistic. As for the area designs. I would really cut down on the inside jokes, because they become increasingly more obnoxious the more you look at them.  Memes don't mix well with maps, unless the entire map is meant to be a meme. As for the minigames aesthetics I don't really have a lot to complain about, except for the disgustingly bright buttons. Neon lights don't pair well with the wild west, I'd cut down on them if I were you.

    They're all pretty creative(for the most part atleast), I'm sure ninja warrior will be a fun addition, although I still really think you should cut down on the memes. In climb I would suggest adding some time of cage at the end, so people won't stack with reds who have finished the minigame. I would also bring the end further from the wall, as to not block the path for blue passengers. There's an area portal issue near obby which I'm sure you've noticed. Stage chaos is disgusting as I'm sure you've realized by now, but overall your minigames are fine.

    Cut down on the inside jokes, fix minor bugs, rethink the train, and you should be fine.

    Good day.
  • 1moEdited 1mo
    Before saying anything else about the map, I want to say that the aesthetics & lighting are amazing. well done.

    Pros: custom textures, good lighting, cool train, and none of the minigames are broken from what I can tell. good amount of rebel spots for the maps size.

    Cons: You can easily get stuck inside the train as the driver, multiple blues on the train would be hard to deal with. 

    the buttons are somewhat confusing, and are not labeled well. along with that, The buttons in obby for the first jump can be easily abused. 

    the switch for tracks doesnt seem to work at all. 

    while there's probably a way into the secret song for disco, I could only get into by noclipping. (correct me if im wrong)

    you can get behind the crush wall in deathrun and while I expected a secret or something, there doesnt seem to be anything there. 

    you dont take damage or teleport in climb, meaning everyone can finish unless the warden sets a time limit.

    rebel spots can be broken as blue, which allows blues to assist rebel. I suggest adding a filter so they cant break into them.

    I could not find a hungergames/war day room for blues, although that isnt really necessary, its nice to have.. 

    ....That's everything I could find. other than what I listed as a con, your map is really good!


  • 1mo
    *Click* Noice




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