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[NEW] nmo_khafre

A Map for No More Room In Hell

Khafre Pyramid - Objectives / Heist Mission

Story: The ancient egyptian pyramid of Khafre is considered one of the biggest monuments in Earth. This huge building of 136 meters tall was the main target of not only archeologists but burglars that tried to explore every single room in search of valuable objects to steal. It may sound like a place tourists would visit but still to this date no one could come back with life from this giant pyramid, since traps are fully functional and undead guards are waiting for new victims to tear apart.

- Hard difficulty
- Giant pyramid
- Wide variety of rooms, corridors and hallways
- Plenty of items & weapons from previous explorers who died inside
- Different types of puzzles & traps
- Dark areas and secret rooms to explore
- Soundscape and special lighting
- Custom loading screen
- Optional objectives
- Boss battle

Version 7 - 18/03/2018

- Added one more respawn location
- Added special lever to block falling rocks
- Added new type of traps
- Added more big rooms
- Added zombies in final part
- Added some fuel ammo
- Changed amount of falling rocks
- Reduced boss & elite guardians health
- Reduced size of puzzle artifact hallway
- Reduced ambience sound volume
- Removed elite guard after second parkour
- Fixed spawning players bug after boss battle
- Fixed some player clips
- Fixed objective helpers positions

* Map created by Ulreth *

Testing servers:

Escuadrón Batata ARG X / Z
Porkchops dedicated server
Private servers

Special thanks to their players:

Holy Crap
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  • 1mo
    I really wish i could've liked this map, i really do, but there are some things that i really don't like at all. 
    + Good design
    + Requires a lot of teamplay and good decisionmaking
    + Traps give a sort of Tomb Raiderish / Resident evil effect and that's great for people to endure
    - Lighting looks to blend (i know it's a pyramid and ur main light source are torches, but you could try to change/alternate the skybox slightly)
    - The 128 unit sized hallways could not be changed, i agree on that, but for solo players this map is really nervewrecking
    - It's very unclear for most people whether if a zombie is a temple guardian or not
    - You need to force control over ur entities and make it that they'll only spawn if you tell them to do so.

    Overall i'd say it's a solid map, not really my preference, so i'll give it a 6 for now, might get that score up to 6.5/7 if you work a bit on optimizing the outside. I agree it's hard to change the whole layout, but you could try to give it a bit more touch by adding in displacements (these don't add up to your brush count)
  • 3mo
    Remove the disgusting background noise on the map.
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  • 3mo
    Munitordaniel avatar
    Munitordaniel Joined 8mo ago
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    Munitordaniel 105th Inc. Flag
    105th Inc.
    I played this map on The Single-Player.

    It's look's very Laggy because the map is very Big,I didn't even get into the Pyramid.
    I suggest you to reduce the map size and removing a bit of the Runners.

    This map look's like Cleopas but so much Bigger and with a Desertic area,I think this is the most Hardest map for No More Room In Hell,Or the Second map being the Hardest the first is the Left4dead gamemode for No More room in hell,nobody Survives for too long in this map and in this nmo_khafre.

    Well,The Map look Creative but it's Totally no-sense in-game the Virus,Enchephalitis Lethargica spread into the America,South America and Europe,and not for the Africa,Because the rest of the States closed everything like Transports

    Another thing is well creative is the "Dead" Scanvengers or Hoarders or even Explorers dead in this map this is totally Cool and Creative well atleast this map don't have a Mummy to fight with you Hahahahaha.

    There's some decal's in the Start of this map that is no-sense like Doctor Breen spray.


    Inactive Modder.


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