A Map for Team Fortress 2


  • Adjustment Changed position of Jeopardy again / Podiums now show which one was pressed first
  • Adjustment Moved Crushgame to Jeopardy
  • Adjustment Obby has been changed again / 4 moving platforms instead of 2 / Maze has been made easier again / Start of Maze now shows up earlier
  • Adjustment All roofs now have shoot through glass / VS Sentry is unaffected
  • Removal Removed Dodgeball
  • Removal Removed Football / Soccer
  • Addition Added Climb
  • Addition Added Floor Maze
  • Addition Added 1 tree into cell area to make it less dull - There are more tree's added around the map too
  • Overhaul Minefield has been reduced in length / There is now 2 different versions - 1 hard 1 easy
  • Overhaul Jumprope now has stairs down / Has a roof and teleport out / Replayable
  • Overhaul Revamped Theatre for the 3rd(?) time
  • Tweak Texture Changes / Moved things around - Minor
  • Tweak Deathfall is now easier / Gravity reduced to .2 to increase Strafe difficulty
  • Tweak AWP Dodge is now harder again / Amount of snipers that come up is randomized
  • Tweak More boxes spawn in Box Game as time goes on
  • Tweak FallGame is now faster
  • Tweak Added water to the bottom of Arena
  • BugFix Fixed VS Sentry sentries dropping ammo
  • Optimization Massive Optimization Overhaul

Heh, Well this was quite a journey I must say, and a pain in the ass. I believe that v9 will be my final update, and I sure hope it is because I want to move on to work on other things and do other things too. Thanks for the support I guess, as well as the feedback I had gotten to make this revamp into what it is now.

v9 - Final 7mo
  • Adjustment Clip atop boxgame
  • Adjustment Reduced cells vent HP, allowed a way down without fall damage
  • Adjustment Made AWP Dodge slower, time before it "shooting" is increased
  • Adjustment Texture change at Trivia, rotated the building of Trivia
  • Adjustment Revamped theatre, new textures, doors on the stage, although basic it's better than before
  • Improvement Made obby maze easier - added disappearing platforms after first obstacles - slowed moving block speed - added a ladder out of obby
  • Improvement Added a new trap to DR - Decreased speed of lazers are start
  • Improvement Made it so sweeper stops instantly
  • BugFix Fixed Jumpgame gravity exploit
  • BugFix Fixed Dodgeball, no longer able to spawn infinite balls
  • Overhaul Removed Maze, replaced with DeathFall
v8 7mo
Just a disclaimer - I do not take credit for the map, I only remade it from scratch taking idea's and parts of the map which it is based off.

Here's the original  - https://gamebanana.com/maps/182021

I uploaded it here to give other communities a chance for a better version of this map.
I don't plan to update this for a while, there was a reason I dropped this project but I came back to it due to jb players requesting some sort of update (From the community I play on). If things get really bad, then I will change it.
I will update it if I am bored if new things come to light.
I have quit playing TF2, and so, I won't be mapping as much. I will obviously be working on projects, but don't expect anything anytime soon.
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  • Hey zannc,
    In my opinion this map is quite alright. This map needed to be updated for a long time now and you did a great job at it. There have been some nice details and textures added and overall the map looks great. It really gives you the christmas spirit.

    Keep up the good work!


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