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Surf_SmoothC 3.0
  • Addition Platforms
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  • Improvement Boosts
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Surf_SmoothC 2.0
  • Improvement Boosts
  • Addition Ramps
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  • Addition Secrets and credits
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Please notice that it is one of my first maps that I have made.
Map is still in progress so u may except changes in the future.



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    Looks good! Can't wait to try it :^)

    EDIT, after trying:

    - Nicely sized map. Good aesthetics. I agree with what BreeZ said below about adjusting the angles of the boosters.

    - Please make the signs on the map (ones that say your name, or ones for teles like J/CT) nonsolid. You can stand on top of them currently, which would be an OP spot for camping with a sniper rifle. You can also smack into them when surfing which is annoying.

    Separate from that, I think there is one and only one major flaw in this map. I don't know if you'd want to change it since it would completely readjust the flow. I believe that a lot of players, myself included, will be sticking to that bottom center ramp to trade kills and run surf routes. One of the things I think is critical to any majorly successful combat surf map (see xdream, buckwild, etc) is having a place at the bottom where you can re-set. You can kind of reset on that one ramp but it's a bit awkward at times, and would become filled with players. This is why I believe that teleport platforms or "pools" belong at the bottom of the map rather than higher up. Nobody has any reason to go to a tele-plat if it's halfway up the map and over to the side. I think instead that players will struggle to find good fights on this map because the flow is pointing up instead of pointing down. Even on maps like surf_ski that don't have a bottom pool, the tele-plat is still low and the jail is high up so that is like a reset point. Instead I think this map might end up like surf_air_arena or some others where players feel confined and don't end up choosing it in servers.

    I guess my "solution" to that would be to close off the big slant at the back of the map where the teles are so its just one huge ramp, and then move the plat down below the bottom ramp and make it larger. That's a big and very ambitious change though so I could see why you might be opposed to it.
    Darth Elmo
  • 9mo
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    BReeZ Joined 3y ago
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    Great updates. They helped thanks!

    Here are some new ones:

    The boosters you added, they have a slightly harsh angle, i would lower them slightly and make them slightly wider. They also have these tiny blue stripes on each side, which is fine, but you need to make them pass through, so you don't bump into them while using the booster.

    The ramp on each side of the tunnel roof (the ramps that are kinda skew.) They need to be slightly closer to the tunnel roof, so in case you mess up your surf, you're able to bhop back to the ceiling. I got myself in that situation after using the boost pillars.

    There are alot of stuff going on in the very top area of the map, where the awp's are. You mainly get there by using the main ramp for full speed. - I happen to get slightly too much speed and get thrown off too high. I don't think you should alter the speed, but maybe make a Reverse ramp near top of the skybox that you can bump your head on. You can compare it with what you got at the top of your boost pillars - but instead of flat slants, then literraly make a ramp, and make it upside down - good surfers will be able to work with this.

    The TP area where all the teleporters are, you have those 2 boosters, that are similar to those you added, you forgot the blue stripes on each side to indicate they're boosters - just make sure to make them pass through!

    Speaking of TP area. I think this is where you have most problems with the map. The entire platform around this area is very cramped, and it is easy to fall out, since you wanted to make the platform look cool, more than accessable. No need for holes near the tp's, make the floor bigger.

    Have you thought about how people with alot of speed are supposed to maintain that speed once they hit those TP's? Normally they would figure out how to hit them from the proper angle, so you don't lose speed once you enter, but most of them are facing the wrong way in the output (T, CT spawn) so you just hit the wall dead-on. Maybe change the output direction, and make the TP triggers slightly higher to ground level, so people are able to make their turns in time to maintain speed. If you put it far down in a squared hole, people don't have time to hit the TP's smoothly - this is a problem with surf_ski's teleporters too. It's very convenient for new players, since they do play slow rounds, but this also decreases the playability overtime if you want an experienced playerbase to play it.

    I'd slightly expand the floor under the pillar boosters (before you enter them) - and add some of those new glass walls to there, just like you did with jail? 

    Skybox is good, but does it have HDR? I'm fairly sure the mapsize increased by over the double.
     - Also, is it supposed to look like sundown while it is more sunny? Don't listen to me here, but be sure what you want, evening or day, and then stick to that. I simply found the first skybox you used not fitting.

    Keep up the good work!
    Turtle Lover
  • 9mo
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    BReeZ Joined 3y ago
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    Cool map! Size and variety is good here, and it does not look like too much are stopping flow.

    How did you make so you can use boosters from both ways? (main ramps).

    I'd go with another skybox, the current one is a bit too dark and i don't see it super fitting.

    Jail could also use an extra hand, you can barely see the glass surrounding it, maybe make that more visible? - I would also add more hiding options inside jail, since you're super super vulnerable in there.

    There is this section where you can go into holes and you're in these "tunnels", on the roof of that platform, maybe add more boosters to get around?

    The visual diversity is fine, but it's hard to see what is where. I can't tell where spawn is, and where jail is compared to eachother, maybe work a bit on the contrasts, so players can easier identify each part of the map.

    I would slightly increase push boost in the boost pillars.

    There's this big square teleporter behind spawn, that leads to the tunnel area. It's very vaguely shown that this is a teleporter. Improve the visuals there.


    Overall a really solid map. Keep improving it, i will be sure to use this on my server once you've made your next update.

    Great job!
    Turtle Lover


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