A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


  • Addition Added triggers in spawn that will stop you when you sometimes get flung in a random direction on new round start
  • Adjustment Widened the fallen pillar on the first stage to make its skip easier to execute
  • Adjustment Slightly slowed down the fan rotation speed as half the server couldnt pass it but it's on the first stage (I dont think it was too fast though).
  • BugFix Reworked the cave triggers (again) to get rid of the glitch where you would sometimes randomly die. Fingers crossed it's fixed now as this only happens on online servers, LAN doesnt have this issue..
  • Tweak Reduced a bit of the blurriness on the lava stage
  • Suggestion Added a hint that appears in the space stage telling you where to go next when you reach that certain part
  • Addition On entrance to the space stage, if you were going too slow you could sometimes fly and get stuck in the air. I couldn't pinpoint why this was happening so instead just made it that if you reached a certain height it would reset your gravity to normal.
  • Adjustment Decreased the longjump distance slightly in the space stage - Down to 212 from a 216 lj (you can probably even make this jump without any strafing now)
  • Addition After the surf on vaporeon stage, removed death trigger that was placed on the seperating platform on the middle and added a path around the outside towards the next stage making it easier
  • Adjustment In umbreon stage, significantly increased the size of the gaps that you have to jump into and get pushed out of.
  • Adjustment Renamed map to mg_harero_v2 to avoid mapname conflicts with people who have already downloaded the previous version.
Fixes round two (all my maps end up with _v2....) 9mo
  • BugFix Triggers changed inside cave part that should hopefully get rid of the bug where you would sometimes die randomly on an online server.
  • Adjustment Secret at the electric stage did not work properly if the server had a store plugin (most mg servers) and could even sometimes crash the server afterwards - I've changed what it does and this is no longer a problem.
  • Adjustment Trigger thickness of some boosters have been increased as they sometimes failed to register on some online servers (offline it's 100% consistent) - this might not fix it but I dont know what else could be the cause.
  • Suggestion Spawnkiller changed to 60 seconds up from 30 - some servers liked to respawn players whilst the round is in progress, 30 seconds was too short for that to happen.
  • Addition Button secret in the first stage would sometimes be blocked by server settings - added a secondary effect to it that should always work.
  • BugFix Fixed some visual glitches.
  • Tweak Slightly modified some booster values to cut out unnecessary height.
  • Adjustment Renamed map to mg_harero_ to avoid mapname conflicts with people who have already downloaded the previous version.
Postrelease Fixes 10mo
I've always enjoyed playing minigames course maps so I decided to make a large map for it.

This course starts off easy and on average gets harder as you progress. There are also several not-too-obscure secrets and extras littered throughout (may not work on some servers depending on the settings - playing offline works fine).

Spawn killer will activate after 30 seconds and everything inside the 1st stage gets killed after 210 seconds. This version of the map removes the spawn killer + changes some other stuff for the servers that have respawning enabled and use timers (Got rid of some secrets though)

Porting this map to other games most likely won't happen (not by me at least) since I used far too many things that are unique to CS:GO and I don't have the time to find workarounds for other games. You have my full permission to try though if you want (I've included the .vmf in the download).

Finally a huge thanks to all the people that provided their work online, my local files are a mess (some files come from the downloads when you join a server) so If I happened to not credit / miscredit you please send me a message and I will update it ASAP
Texture Packs:
TopHattWaffle, Saspatoon, FireWavezZ, NebuLa1
ZOMBIE, domitibingen, rtbmodels, KillzoneGaming server
TopHattWaffle, Slimek, 3kliksphilip, r/hammer and the source engine discord
Riot Games, Grayera, Junichi Masuda, nExow, FilthyFrank

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Hosting Dev Server for me to test the map


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Maharero Joined 2y ago
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