A Map for Garry's Mod 9

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WARNING! IF YOU DON'T SEE CORE EFFECT (THE BLACK HOLE) THEN DOWNLOAD THIS FILE AND UNPACK INTO YOUR GARRY'S MOD DIRECTORY: http://myfileplanet.narod.ru/models.rar Special thanks to The Pro: 1) He was uber-patient, so I just could not abort this map 2) He compiled map for me, many times. It's hard work - 36 hours! 3) He tested my map, supported me since early versions 4) He bought me GMOD10! ...Hello and welcome to the subtransit base! Subtransit base is the last (or no?) rebel base. It's underground base, located in <...>. Few years ago rebels found this old part of military base, and started redesigning it into place capabable of supporting life of citizens. They built all they needed to live. even library. Now, they live down here, having no contact with other world. Was earth cleaned of combine, or whole humanity was destroyed? You forget about these things here, where nothing from outside matters... That's the story, and now we slip to tasty things. Map features miles of useable track. Trains are real physics, which means they will act as normal trains - i.e. de-rail if you go too fast, and etc. So count this in when you will be riding down the slope. You can spawn these carriages/trains: 1) 81-717 = Passanger train, inspired by real Ukrainian subway train with same name 2) 81-718 = Freight train, same as 81-717, but with platform! 3) 81-717 carriage = Same as train, but without cabin 4) Platform = Your helper in transfering large things like containers 5) Boxcar = You can move various things in it, furniture or something else 6) Tanker car = Technicaly pointless, but fun. You could transport liquids in it/ Map features: I. Residential area: a. 6 seperate houses b. 2 big two-floor houses, 1 flat in each c. Theater (inspired by theater in Millenium Tower map) d. Food shop - your source of small things e. 2 small warehouses - one with train track f. Small lake for your satisfaction II. Managment area: a. 2 offices for your government b. Health & battery shop c. Happy Book Shop III. Office area: a. Happy Book Shop warehouse/shop b. Library c. Food shop d. Police station & prison cells e. PC Needs - computer shop f. Emmu-nation - [un]famous weapon shop g. Furniture shop h. Service room - it's near tunnel entrance. It has keypad, code will be told later. IV. Train spawn area: a. You can spawn trains here. All 6 kinds. Note that spam counter limits number of trains to 8, I will teach you how to override it later. b. Train remover - removes trains with nice sound. V. Construct area: a. Pretty big empty space for constructing things, if you like. VI. Train test track: a. It goes in circle. It's the tunnel with yellow lights. VII. Overground bridge a. It's simply eye candy, this area has nothing interesting in it. More stuff: - Code for service door is X, where X is that which fits: Code: 2 * X * X - 11703122 = 0 - To override spam counter, type this in console: Code: ent_fire spam_counter setvalue 0 This requries for cheats to be on, so don't worry about your MP server train overflow! - Train spawner will try to not spawn train into train (which will cause crash). It will abort if door is blocked, or remove anything that you will put on platform, killing player too! - There is no admin room (thanks god!) - Core is actually explodable



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    > **Posted by evilhorse**

    > Dammit everytime i use winzip on it it says its not a valid file, plz help
    Try using Winrar
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    Well the map is preety cool, but it makes server lagg a little bit because of all thees train things.
    And after the trains collide, you can put him on the rail anymore... only between a map restart...
    Fate fell short this time. avatar
    Fate fell short this time.
  • 9y
    rowtree avatar
    rowtree Offline
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    Dude will this work for gmod10?
    Your car hit my window.
  • 9y
    pvt. luke avatar
    pvt. luke Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    I found this map on hl2dm how do i lock the boxcart and stuff to the trains
  • 9y
    krassell avatar
    krassell Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    713 points Ranked 6368th
    Pros: Very good tracks, places and trains of course
    Cons: some lags and core bug
    Improvements: fixing lags; ading all things from facts.txt; adding core model
    Notes: EXELLENT!!! *favorited*


    Auto Defence Systems Specialis
  • 10y
    evilhorse avatar
    evilhorse Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    Dammit everytime i use winzip on it it says its not a valid file, plz help
  • 10y
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    WCIII Forever!
    Posted: 3 months ago
    Good map!

    No, its not good. its EXCELLENT!
  • 11y
    noddy14 avatar
    noddy14 Offline
    Member Joined 11y
    1,826 points Ranked 2572nd
    Awesome map!!!! horn!!!!!! =0
    Ignorance is Strength. avatar
    Ignorance is Strength.
  • 11y
    thesmallestfry avatar
    Member Joined 11y
    816 points Ranked 5655th
    This is AMAZING. I love how the trains work, but the next step would be making the train doors unphysgunnable (if that's possible) and adding some lighting to the tunnels. Even though it's supposed to have a depressing feel, it's not much fun if you can't see where you're going, and the headlights don't work very well. Still, excellent job, and I look forward to more maps from you!


  • 11y
    Warden avatar
    Warden Offline
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    31,686 points Ranked 135th
    Good map!




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