A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


  • Addition Maze now has 2 modes, (1) standart maze (2) Wallhack Game
  • Strafe Race now has 1 new button that moves boxes out of the ground to make the race harder
  • BugFix Strafe Race buttons now cant be pressed from inside of the race
  • Addition Team Games, texture fixes, Added a light that shows when the buttons are active/inactive
  • Tweak Maze has been made a tiny bit easier.
  • Adjustment Football has a new ball from dust2
  • BugFix Trampoline, fixed the bug that if wouldn't shoot you up if you stand on it, or it randomly kills you when you were landing on it.
  • Addition Trampoline, now can be turned off and on.
  • Addition Grenade Throwing game has 3 more modes (Normal | Medium | Hard)
  • BugFix Grenade Throwing, fixed the bug that i sometime didn't give you the grenade when you were on the line
  • BugFix 4 Man Lucky Game (moving spikes thingy) , fixed the black textures and it doesn't move the player anymore when he stands on the 4 small blocks on the ground
  • Improvement Rock Paper Scissors, new textures
  • Improvement Wipe out complitely remade (made some servers crash) so thats now fixed, and added more platforms to stand on.
  • Addition Added a Death cube in the circle pit.
  • BugFix Cage Games were buggy and the buttons didnt work properly, so remade them all, should be fixed.
  • Addition Added boxes that you can crawl into
  • Addition Added Ladders on some trees
  • BugFix Kinda Fixed the Bug when you touch the ladders it removes your gravity.
  • Improvement Now Prisoners can jump out from the Guards Towers, but cant jump in them.
  • Addition Added More weapons and Heals in GunRoom.
  • Improvement Joined Both AimRooms in one place to free up more space for other games
  • Addition Added Jump Rope.
  • Addition Added Death Strafe Game.
  • Addition Added Guess The Number Game.
  • Addition Death Run - now t cant camp at the start, if they stand there longer then 3 secounds they will start receiving damage.
  • Addition Death Run - added a button that you can decide, what happens to the Prisoners if they fall, Death or Teleport to Start.
  • Addition Surf Added Some Gravity Modes and some stages
  • Addition Disco, fixed the buttons on the ground
  • Addition now on map start the server will force sv_airaccelerate 1000
  • BugFix Fixed the bug that some red lights around the map wouldn't work properly
jb_oasisv07 2mo
  • fixed radar
  • New skybox
  • added disco room
  • fixed some texture bugs
  • fixed some small bugs with team games
  • added moving doors on the game where you throw grenades
  • added c4 on the basketball thing and a button to get the c4 out
  • replaced arrmor in gunroom with galilar and famas.
  • arrmor now is given when you take a weapon in gunroom
  • added some ladders on some trees
  • added a fence and starting points in race area
  • changed the colors on color game
  • probably something more but cant remember what
jb_oasis_beta_v4 1y
I decided to remake jb_oasis map for CS:GO. It was a very famous and one of the most played maps in CS 1.6, I hope you guys like it and enjoy it :)

if any bugs are found. in which case if you find any bugs please let me know so i can fix them immediately.

Contact Me : Add me on steam or just leave a comment below.


Things to do:

1. Cage Games (True / False | Long Jump | 123 - Death / Alive game)
2. Long Jump between the cells on the tables
3.  Maze + Wallhack game
4. Strafe Race
5. Team Games
6. KZ
7. Football
8. Bhop
9. Trampoline
10. Grenade throwing game
11. Russian roulette
12. 4 Man Lucky Game (moving spikes thingy)
13. Rock Paper Scissors
14. (9) Color - Game
15. Wipe Out
16. Ladder Strafe Jump
17. C4 Throwing thingy game xD
18. Car race
19. Aim Room (both in one place)
20. Jump rope
21. Death Strafe
22. Guess the number
23. Death run 
24. Surf
25. Disco

On Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/...
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