A Map for Team Fortress 2

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who messing with the universe?

We don't go to Ravenholm because they got an army of red team
but this freak visitor is gonna coming to the town...

it's from hl2 chapter: we don't go to ravenholm
no zombies but saxton.



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    I love the fact you actually ported this to VSH but I have few things I feel need to be changed to make the map better.

    First thing I would do is remove a few of the fence props around the streets so players can move more around the map and not get corned by Hale in a lot of the Dead Ends in the map

    Also the entire Graveyard section seems a bit pointless to me considering all the Explosive Barrels are a bit unfair to other players ( sense you can kill other players with them, probably ) and that you can't escape the graveyard once you go in unless you're a certain class with a certain weapon. I'd probs remove that fence players walk over into the Graveyard and all the Explosive Barrels.

    Also there's a invisible fire near the church area because env_fires don't work in TF2 so either remove the trigger that hurts you or replace the env_fire with a fire particle that TF2 has and works (and which particles in TF2 are pretty simple to learn and use ).

    Now this really isn't your fault but because of how HL2 is... the scaling is weird making some places pretty awkward to move around in and players getting stuck by props or world geometry. So I'd probs find someway to scale the world a bit bigger.

    Only thing I have left are just nitpicks
    1. The elevator ( glad you actually got that work in TF2 )  is way to slow so increase the speed a which it travels
    2. HP and Ammo is bit too spread out and scare around the map ( I like how you did have to bust open some crates to get HP and Ammo though making it feel you are in HL2 ).

    I hope you take these suggestions so your already pretty decent map can become even greater ;3
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Half-Life 2's Ravenholm


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