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aim_bridgecut_ov - 1.1 Old Version

A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

Back to the roots man! :D 13 yerars ago valve showed us what the source engine can deliver. A lot physics, a lot small brushes, reflections....... 

aim_bridgecut shows what the source engine is, it shows the strengts of this engine. You can see this also in Titanfall 2, no other engine can deliver so much different things at the same time. This is why "I" use this engine. This is why we all use this engine, it delivers just the best performence. So, you can do a lot crazy things, combined with a great performance.....and I will do this. ;D

Sooo, here is now the update for my map aim_bridgecut
It runs how it runs. On a good cpu (i7) with min 89 frames(130 average), ok for this map, but it's a lot for this game. This needs cpu power like a new AAA game, but runs on a lowbudged gpu. An amd quad apu (80€) can handle this with 60 frames (tested in 1360x768) And a used phenom 2 quadcore cpu for around 30€ will do this even better. In my eyes is this really cheap, midclass cpus are really not expensive, compered with gpus. My GTX 980Ti  needs 20% gpu and 1830mb vram @120 frames in 2560x1440. Yes for source maybe much, but compared with other games is this again really good. PS: You have 50-80% more frames with lowering the water settings ;)

-Over 200 hint/skip brushes, to make it faster(38% more frames).
-I also fixed the soundlooping bug, that happends on servers.
-I've updated some textures. The water looks now much better.
-The hacker for the 2 halls are works now 100% faster(6 sec.)
-Online version packege like fy_dark_reactor_ov

Bot Navigation
I will create a nav. file for, but this will be really not perfect :(

  You have to install all files, not just the bsp. file.
  Textures and soundloops are not included in the map file!


  Map bsp.file = 72,7mb
  Map nav.file              =  -
  Map res.file = 29kb
  Models<10 Files> = 700kb
  Textures<549 Files> = 189mb
  Sound<2 Files> = 2.3mb
  All files<563 Files> = 264mb

Update: aim_bridgecut_ovl
At first Thanks for the downloads, great :)

I've worked again a lot on this map. Yes it will come another version, sry;( I'm really not happy with my last update :(, yes it runs better, but for what? It's still not bot compatible, and it have still some really not good brushes. The new version wil not run really faster, but it will have a better performance, gameplay and better graphics. and it will have completely bot support, yes comepletely! ;)

- A new builded and cutted bridge(looks better and needs less)
- A new created Night Skybox in 2048px
- Optimized Weaponspawners( The spawner are now spawn xD)
- Physics on the bridge are now spawn random( 3 dif. sets)
- Bomb activatorparticles are now rotate(looks really better)
- Random start weapons 6 dif. weap. 50% chance for a m4 or ak
- Added some litghting windows and particles in the background( more realistic)
- A propeller is now installed to pull down the players into the watertunel(works also with bots)
- Bot's can now open the hallls and they can also destroy the wall
- World brush reducing to create more tool brushes and the propeller
- A really good nav. file (the bots use now all locations)
- And a lot small fixes for a better performance

The new version will come in the next days, stay tuned.....

Update: 3 days later
The most people will think that I say shit, or that the map have some big issues. Fact is the compile is now running the 6. day, I think it will end today..... "I" think it's normal ;/, this amount of information is just a bit too crazy for source. Combined with the water and my vis optimization, you have s*** like this.

And I make this really just for a little fps boost, the final compile needs without hint/skip textures just 42 minutes (just^^).

 If you have no big visblockers like in this map, you must think really small, to make it faster. Bridgecut_ov have needed 57 hours for the compile, this is crazy and makes no fun, but 38% more frames are really a difference and in my eyes is this no wasted time.

I think the new one will make not a big difference, I've add some new hint/skip textures, thats why the compile time is now really horrible, but I think this will just compensate the things I've added here;/. I don't know, I have to wait xD...........

Thats why I can't actually show some new pics.

The vmf. filesize is 17mb, must I say more xD... (official maps: 2-9mb)

Update:  A dream is come true. This is what I wanted, as I started this 6 years ago. It's now exactly my vision and I'm so happy to release this baby now. This is all so impossible for an hobby artist like me and it was a long and hard way......

Release: It will come tommorrow ;)

The best way to test the map is to make a trailer for it, so here is now the trailer for bridgecut_ovl, have fun with it and leave a like, or better a comment ;D



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