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Version 0.35fix
  • BugFix Nuke for both cases of winning works now
  • Addition One of three sounds will be randomly played later in the level
  • Addition Afk- and respawn teleport added
Version 0.35
  • Adjustment Fixed some physic crates which were hard to move and made players stuck
  • BugFix Fixed the elevator
  • Improvement Changed some holding times
  • Optimization Reduced the health of some breakables
  • Optimization Added a cfg for zombiereloaded to increase the time until the first zombie spawns and disabled the ambient sound


This map takes place in Ravenholm, which most of you recognize from Half Life 2.
It has suprised me, that there is no ravenholm-themed map for ZE.
So here it is, the first part of Ravenholm.
I consider it as first proper map of mine, altough it isn't the full map. It's more like Stage 1, because I plan to make more.
This stage serves as feedback. I hope to see how it comes out on a real gameplay. This feedback helps me to advance my creations.
Stage 1 contains the basic of ZE and mapping.
There is no boss, there are no custom particles nor textures.
But there is one human item (Crowbar).
I hope that my config works for the entwatch plugin.


(Some of us are still waiting for Half Life 3)
Three months after the destruction of the citadel, the citizens of City 17 are in a peril situation. The combine may be weakend and they went to their last bases, but the real danger is the environment.
Due ciritcal damage, caused by the explosion of the citadel, most flats and accommodations are uninhabitable.
Humanity has to live with the lack of resources.
In a peril attempt, a new organized special force has been sent to Ravenholm to evaluate the situation.
Ravenholm itself fell under the attack of the combines back in the old regime, but most buildings are intact.
The main proplem are the headcrabs and their fellow zombies.
The Combine have used almost 80% of their caught headcrabs for Ravenholm.
It's the Nexus of the Zombie-Plague and its residents have evolved.....

To do list:

+ Add more details and decals
+ Improve the lightning
+ [Maybe] Change the gameplay after real gameplay, if needed
+ Fix bad lightnings on some doors
+ Optimize the map
+ Add Hint and Skips
+ Add grass-sprites

**** Hotfix ****
removed the nav. which caused crashing the server.

Credits and special thanks:

Valve for the Hammer Editor, Maps, Textures, Models and Sounds. (I took the first area of Ravenholm, which was made by Valve for Half Life 2, for my map for a fitting story.)


Have fun with the map,



  • 2mo
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    Yeah it don't feel like ravenholm
  • 2moEdited 2mo
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    Lack of details .. especially grass makes this map flat, lighting in some spots makes no shadows and too homogeneous, the last screenshot is a good example. Look at the original map, it has so remarkable atmosphere.

    Thought the idea is interesting, would be nice to see this map extended and more detalized. Keep on your work ;)
  • 2mo
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    The map it's a bit small, and lacks of detail and brushwork, But it's a funny map to defend and evade traps.

    Some tips and bugs i've found in the map:

    You could lower a bit the breakable health, Because it could be hard trying to break some door and defend at the same time.

    Also, the water in the sewage part it's too deep, This could be hard for CTs trying to avoid the zombies.

    The cubemaps are not placed correctly, As in the third screenshot.

    That final tower its not seen on the outside, as in those first 2 screenshots.

    Also, it shows a ERROR model in some chair, Maybe you forgot to pack some custom model.

    You could add some glow sprites in the light props, That makes look better in lighting detail.

    Also, you could compile the map with HDR setting. That makes look better too.

    You could add some ammo in those M4A1's in the truck. Disabling SmartEdit in Hammer properties and add the "ammo" value.

    In overall, it's a map who needs more work, but it's okay. It's funny to defend, run and shoot. I wish you luck. Cheers.
  • 2mo
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    No more hl3.
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    I hate point farmers.


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