A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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2nd finished map :)



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    This map is a big improvement over your last one.
    I appreciate that you've done away with the bhop triggers, and you haven't added any arbitrary difficulty.

    Here's a wall of text as a reward.

    The blocks feel quite tight together for autobhop, but some of the distances appear to be downright impossible for legit/scrolling styles. (e.g. Last few jumps of levels 1 and 3)

    Level 1 seems like a kind of reconstruction of that one level from bhop_aux_a9, which is nice, that's a good level, although in aux's map it's a lot wider, and so allows for more speed and a smoother experience in general.
    The way to get to the bonus felt a little awkwardly placed here, and wasn't clearly marked. I'd usually recommend putting the entry to the bonus somewhere at or after the end zone of the map.

    Level 2 felt like you were going for the classic "Yeah, you can go around the side, but if you can get enough speed and have the control, you can go the extra fast way straight through the middle!" which, in itself is fine, but the blocks for the path through the middle are close enough that it's not even remotely a challenge on legit/scroll settings, let alone autobhop.
    Additionally, there's a block missing on the right side path here, and while I assume that's intentional- to make the player realise it won't be as easy as it seems -it doesn't feel very well executed as there's no indication anything will be different from the previous 8 blocks, so with the player being forced to turn the corner blind there, it is an almost guaranteed fall for anyone choosing the right-side path. Generally speaking, guaranteed fails are not a great practice.

    Level 3 was interesting. There's one block somewhat hidden behind one of the major pillars which proved a little tricky to spot at first, but once you know it's there it's not an issue at all.
    Past that, the level plays perfectly fine for autobhop, I just would have liked a clearer indication of the end. (Such as a red texture on the ground, or some text that says 'stop timer' or somesuch.)

    Bonus was fine, although it's a little boring, nobody expects the same effort to be put into the bonus as the main map.
    Maybe would have been nice to switch the blocks up a little each turn or something, but it was overall okay.


    The lighting felt awkward in this map. You've got a lot of light entities too close to some walls, creating unsightly bright blotches, as well as some blocks throughout the level are almost in the dark.

    The dev textures for the blocks were fine, everyone likes a little bit of dev texture in their life, deep down inside.
    The use of the hazard stripe texture for where you jump was an okay choice, though I think the brick texture for the walls let the level down quite a lot.
    More texture variety helps if you're going for a realistic-style map. Otherwise, you've really gotta figure out what the theme is and go HAM.

    A level designed to feel dreary or depressing, or even just 'dark factory' sort of thing, should generally have a lot of little scenery; pipes, signs, barrels, crates, spools, fences, doors, etc.
    But otherwise, the map would look a lot nicer if it had a brighter, more whimsical visual style. (But don't let my personal preferences affect what kind of levels you make, just think about how best to bring out the tone you're hoping to achieve.)
    I think the rooms (with the exception of the first) were far too tall, and could really have used some more interesting geometry. (i.e. Not being square/rectangular)

    The map was fairly short, felt a little awkward to play on autobhop, despite the fact that that appears to be what it was designed for.
    Visually, I'd say it felt underdeveloped. 

    Lighting for indoors maps is really hard to get right, so don't stress about that too much, but just getting the lighting to be roughly even, and having the parts you really want to be brighter actually be brighter is pretty important to making the map look more appealing.

    Cool to see your improvement so far, and I'm looking forward to what we'll see from you as time goes on. :)


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    It's really cold here, tbh


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