Kalos League Chambers

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I liked the idea of having the individual chambers on Kalos League playable, but I felt like there was something missing from the one that was already made. So I present to you these stages- equipped with some of the elements that made them unique. All included stages are set to go over Kalos League omega.

With the exception of the Ironmark Chamber (because I feel the swords block in the stage too much), all of the stages come with platformed and non-platformed versions which gives you 7 stages to potentially enjoy. Unfortunately, only the two pictured Pokemon will show up in the background. There are instructions for how to install them without these Pokemon if that is your preference. SSPs are included that should match the platformed versions of each stage in the event that they are wanted.

Lastly, no, this stage will not transition. I do not know if these are wifi safe. Please contact me if there are any major issues.



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    Love it!

    Unfortunately, these stages aren't Wi-Fi Safe to answer your question. However, it's fixable by simply leaving the param files untouched. However, it leaves the actual stage unequal to the stage parameters. But again, can be fixed by leaving the original Kalos Omega stage untouched.

    Again, well done! :)
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    the ones without platforms should be wi-fi safe, looks pretty cool :P


    Death to all!


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