A Map for Counter-Strike 1.6


  • Fixed a small bug on ts side ladder
  • Fixed some invisible textures on mid
1.1 1y

Mirage from CS:GO to CS 1.6 by Tatu Eugen

If you enjoy my work and want me to continue, you can donate how much do you want, i apreciate. Thanks!

CSS_MIRAGE_GO (Bomb/Defuse)
by Tatu Eugen - www.tatueugen.info

About Mirage

Mirage has been popular as a custom map among the Counter-Strike community for years. After Global Offensive was released, Valve decided to include the map as an official bomb defusal map. As with all official maps, Valve updated the visuals and tweaked the gameplay for better competitive play. For instance, the original versions of Mirage had textures similar to Italy, but was later updated to reflect a Moroccan style.


Counter-Terrorists: Prevent Terrorists from bombing explosive crates. Team members must defuse any bombs that threaten targeted areas.

Terrorists: The Terrorist carrying the C4 must destroy one of the explosive crate areas.

Other Notes: There are 2 bomb targets in the mission.


Valve (CS:GO Game)
Tatu Eugen

Original Mirage Author:
BubkeZ (bubkez@hotmail.com)


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  • NaitsirK di Fire avatar
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    1y 8mo
            Well I haven't had the time till now to check this out, so lets begin with the gameplays, the looks and the improvements of this map.

    Gameplay: You have really stayed true to the source material as usual and, with that said, I ain't gonna comment about the flow of the game. 
    What I will say is that you have done a huge job reconstructing this, but I feel that you could have optimized the map a bit farther at the T spawn, the w_polys were shooting up to 2.4k, but that is not a huge problem, and the map runs smoothly throughout. The only thing to add is that there are places that should be clipped off, as said by Tonight /A/.

    Graphics: Now.. I realize that cutting corners is necessary for a project like this, and I must admit, the map turned out really good, though I think that there should be a few improvements. 
    The map, as it is, is nicely detailed, especially the buildings with details like hay on the roof of a building at site A, but the backdrops also bring a lot to it with the sense of openness and scale. Also, a huge + is that the map is consistent with its level of detail throughout, just imagine the split when one minute you are walking in an empty high class apartment and then walking out you jump into a scrap yard, just doesn't work right? So, much appreciation to the design, a lot of people don't consider this. 
    And now, something ugly this way comes. I realize that the texture scale must be turned up for a map with the complexity like this ones, but there are parts that could benefit a lot by the textures being doubled down. The first that come to mind are the inside areas, especially the ones that get you to the sites. They, by their nature, are cut from the rest of the map, so upping their detail wouldn't interfere much with the r_speed's. Also, lighting is kind of weird in a few places, the lights in the rooms for one. There is a lot of light bleeding that is only worsened by the texture scale. One thing also comes to mind, do you use the _blur, _smooth and _texlightgap parameters? Anyway, let us continue. 
    The next problem are the windows on the majority of buildings. I would suggest either implementing them into the wall textures or making them more complex to achieve the depth effect that you were going for, because the way they are here just looks awkward. A few mishaps can also be seen in the pics, but they are nothing much. And the last is the sun and its shine, which have a physics bending relationship. I guess that could be fixed by prefixing the sky textures and moving them into the correct place.

    -Change windows
    -Fix skytexture alignment
    -Lighting fixtures and light bleed
    -Upping texture detail in a few places
    -Fixing small issues
    -Clip texturing some places

    All in all, this is an impressive map for the engine it is running on, and quite a feat of mapping by you. Keep on going and I wish you would make an original creation with the same craft as seen here and the rest of your css/csgo recreations.

    Cheers mate!


    Post Mapper. avatar
    Post Mapper.
  • Marko666 avatar
    Marko666 Joined 1y ago
    I was searching for it! Thank you!!!


  • theNurky avatar
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    GAAAWDD, DAYYUUM... Siick!!!


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    1y 1y
    Great work (as always), nice to see a new map from you.

    I did some bugtesting and found few issues:
    1) I would consider making the passway to window a little bigger. Moving through is fine, however, taking duels against enemies will be awkward. This is 50-50 though, won't be necessary but it is up to you.

    2) The box near ticket booth needs to be jumpable (so you can go on top of it). It would balance holding the site and also retaking it.

    3) Near underpass, there is a line what shouldn't be walkable.

    4) Right next to it, there is a lamp what is currently reachable and should be blocked or made illusionary.

    5) Next to van, there is a pixelwalk and it should be blocked.

    Overall, it is a 10/10 map. Well done!


    • Thanks x 1
    Monday night and I feel so low
  • Bloody Death Skull avatar
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    Bloody Death Skull avatar
    Bloody Death Skull
    Life Tree Flag
    Life Tree
    1y 1y
    Correct my if i Am Wrong Are this Map  http://gamebanana.com/maps/190633 looking Better Than This? XD XD
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    I Dont Give Fucks I Give Shots
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    DeviLMaqqeR* avatar
    Combustion Inc. Flag
    Combustion Inc.
    Beautiful map


    By. David Wave avatar
    By. David Wave
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    Oh he'll YES!! Your on a roll bro, don't stop now!!!! Thank you for the new adventure, now get back to work ;)
  • Waris Jr avatar
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    Waris Jr
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    CS:GO Ports
    And now its finished nice job!!!
    Keep up the good work
    Player Models Porter
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    Plain and simple, just as I like it.

    Stop water fluoridation
  • s041603 avatar
    s041603 Joined 2y ago
    nice map but can you make a hd textrues?


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