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A Map for Counter-Strike 1.6

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Map that i've made in 2 hours! There are some empty places over there... i know, but it was a challenge that i made for myself!

The map is very tiny, but fun.

Feedback is acepted (sorry, bad english xd)

Note: minor detail glitches fixed



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    Almost nothing's left to say since guy below said it all. :v

    But here's what I got: when making screenshots, disable viewmodels and increase your resolution (your monitor is larger than 320px, right?).

    Also the map category is wrong
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    After playing it a few times I was able to write a review for this.
    Unforunately, I don't have to say much about the good side as there's really nothing to say for, honestly.
    Hope you will find my review helpful.


    1. To a certain extent, the overall texture usage is okay.

    2. Slightly acceptable brushwork and minor details.

    3. For an AIM type map, the size seems okay.


    1. Default skybox. The current skybox doesn't match with the map's theme, layout or with any other of its aspect.

    2. Improper lighting. The current angle of light seems completely downward which isn't a good thing and doesn't make sense either.

    3. 1000+ WPoly count isn't a good thing either, especially depending on your map, there's really no reason for it to be high this.

    4. Unnecessary chopping of solids, meaning that minor detailing objects and props aren't tied into Func_Detail/Func_Wall.

    5. There's a water texture on the ground, but it doesn't behave like a water. You probably either didn't tie it to Func_Water or didn't set its properties correctly.

    6. There's also a waterfall texture (I guess) which doesn't behave like a waterfall.

    7. No covering or defensive objects.

    8. Worldspawn death (mainly a few players in the Ts side).

    9. No specific theme. The textures, skybox and other aspects of the map don't quite match.

    10. There's no proper gameplay, mostly because of the above listed issues.


    Here are my suggestions regarding the cons listed above, though not for each one. Some are aside from the cons.

    1. For the skybox, I suggest to use a different one which mainly fits with your map's theme/layout or at least with its aspects.

    2. Remember that a good lighting is one of the keys to good outdoor maps. Lighting combined with proper shadow cast results mostly in good and a feel of realism.

    Try to adjust the angle of the light (w.r.t the skybx) properly so that it doesn't seem a complete down-angled one.

    3. Since I don't see any complex geometry work in the map nor there's any object that could result such high WPoly, the only reason for high WPoly is the incorrect brushwork.
    This is one of the examples of such brushwork. You can clearly see how the archway's (improper) tiny brushes are further chopping other solids, resulting in high WPoly.

    4. This one relates with the above suggestion. Objects like trims, small props and objects that don't significantly block player's view, separating brushworks and these (not always though) should be tied into Func_Detail/Func_Wall to reduce the unnecessary WPoly caused by them.
    Just check how the solids are being chopped.

    5. To make a water properly, convert the required solid into Func_Water entity and set its properties as mentioned below:

    Render Mode: Texture - some light
    FX Amount (1 - 255): Depending on your choice. It is the transparency.
    Contents: Water
    Wave Height: Depending on your choice. It is the water's height.

    After setting it up like this, it should behave like a water.

    6. The same (Func_Water method above) should apply for the waterfall, except that you have to use a specific scroll texture like one named with SCROLL_WATER and its (texture) rotation set to 90 degrees.

    7. Fairly self-explanatory I believe. You should always provide players some covers, covering objects and props and defensive positions.

    8. For worldspawn death, consider checking if you have overlapped two or more spawn points with each other, or there's insufficient space between each spawn point.

    9. Fairly self-explanatory. When you create a level, always keep a theme in mind. Whether it be an outdoor or indoor, a combination. Whether this map resembles to a real-life or an imaginary place. Is it going to be realistic or not? There are a few things like these to keep in mind to properly define a theme of your map.

    10. I believe once you fix the above issues, the gameplay should be okay itself. I ain't saying, however, that the cons listed above are the only reasons for not having a proper gameplay.

    That's all related with the cons.

    I suggest that you should do a more precise brushwork, mainly on the complicated ones to overcome the WPoly issue. You may, however, not completely overcome it, but reduce it to some extent.

    Furthermore, keep in mind that every part requires to be scaled properly. I see that some parts (like top archways and railings) were not scaled properly. Imagine how the same structure would look in real life - that's how you can properly scale them.

    There are a lot of things to say about your map, but I simply can't tell about each and every part of the map as I ain't teaching how to make a map, rather judging the map itself.
    Though, I pointed out most of the major drawbacks. If you consider looking at and fixing them, your map may be more playable than currently it is.

    Of course your map isn't entirely bad, I could see some potential in there, though a lack of accurateness is present in most parts, which, if corrected may result in a good outcome.

    Let me know if you have any question regarding it.
    Good luck!
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