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A Map for Unreal Tournament 2004

7,8,17am855=login Dm-5on5-Sereniteam readme.  BR-Serenity [map for bombing run, released in UT 6 disc package, 2004] will be the base for Dm-5on5-Sereniteam.  Dm-5on5-Sereniteam is the very first map built exclusively for a 5 versus 5 engagement in the classic UT2k4 platform [to our knowledge here in the labs at least].


map goes in Maps folder.
dm-5on5-Sereni_readme goes in Help folder.

Engine That Came in the 6 Disc Package was Base for DM-5on5-Sereniteam

*this will be a run-down on the editing that took place to bring up the mentioned bombing run map to the enclosed completed death match 5on5 map.

1.   a bridge was added to each end to increase the existing udamage room.
2.   a flak base set was added to each end as artillery anchor.
3.   a custom emitter [2 different] and partition set was added to the udamage room's back wall for 2-way teleporters.
4.   the end waterfall materials were changed to look like lava.
5.   the waterfall blocking volumes were moved up forward of the mesh.
6.   the falling volumes [at the udamage room edges] were sunk to the basin geometry.
7.   the basin floor materials now have an igneous colored panner.
8.   many of the JumpSpot TranslocZOffset slots were augmented.
9.   a single adrenaline on either end was added near the original 3 as lure.
10.  a set of three adrenaline [6 total] along each cavern wall down from the original 2 minigun ammo packs were added [spaced at 228 uu].
11.  many JumpSpots were added.
12.  the lateral basin wall [at both ends] was brought out to form both a lip between the existing terrain/udamage room connection and a dugout for counter sniping.
13.  4 blocking volumes were added to smooth out a rise from both udamage rooms.
14.  many PathNodes were added, some deleted.
15.  an adrenaline was added at either end of main bridge to aid in the occlusion firefight.
16.  a coaxing mini vile was added at each counter sniping point.  
17.  the five odd branches [jutting from the lower basin wall, x2] were given full collision.
18.  a single rocket launcher base and set was placed in the center of the main bridge.
19.  some partitions were added to the inaccessable ends of main bridge, now it's possible to jump several times and get up to abutment.
20.  the shield under bridge was changed to a super shield.
21.  no shields were added.
22.  a mini vile at either trolling point from the super shield were added for impart.
23.  the grove at either end was smoothed out for fire fights [partition slid over, etc.].
24.  some partitions at 2 lower points along the bridge's terrain were placed to increase occlusion in the ensuing fire fights.
25.  the groves at either end of the main bridge were edged out from the cavern walls to add a dodge point at wall's base.
26.  no lights were changed or added.
27.  player starts were carefully arranged and set from weapon bases so the player or playermodel has at least one spawning target.
28.  3 starts [6 total] were placed in the main bridge areas.
29.  1 start [2 total] were placed opposite minor bridge's minigun base [near minigun ammo packs].
30.  originally there were 20 player starts, now there are 22.
31.  a Transpickup Powerup was added to accompany the four health chargers at either end.
32.  a partition [at either end] was added beneath the excessive outcropping created from the added blocking volume's simple design [for aesthetics].
33.  land mine base and set was added to each side.
34.  shock rifle base and set was added to each side.
35.  lightning gun base and set was added to each side.
36.  the center waterfall was weighted down for death match play, so it was spread out in terrain fields nearby to improve fire fight occlusive obstacles.  some display DrawScale and DrwaScale 3D were modified.
37.  teleporter/emitter/partition sets were placed at either lowered point from main bridge to optimize continuous traffic.
38.  various ammo packs were moved to accomodate new paths.
39.  flak ammo was added at either end of main bridge to refresh teleporters [at bridge/cavern wall feet] exit.
40.  a partition was added both ends of main bridge to open dodge-out points.
41.  level info and description was modified for death match.
42.  script info for blue/red bombing run map was deleted.
43.  blue/red markers were removed.That's About it!  :0

1.   control the rocket launcher base and win the match.
2.   spider mines will attack team members but not your self.  use in combos with yer team members chat [off one side of minor bridges, not both perhaps].  :)

DM-5on5-Sereniteam is the sole property of Chris Blundell, Epic, Atari, Digital Extremes, UT2004, and their affiliates.  the above mentioned parties retain full copyright.

M kusanagi is a contributing artist to DM-5on5-Sereniteam, but relinguishes all copyrights to Chris Blundell and his developer party.

july 8, 2017am1131

feel the serene cool breeze!  :0-M kusanagi

M kusanagi is available at:  
1.M kusanagi channel on youtube  
2.M kusanagi on google+ profile


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Original developer
Chris Blundell
Contributing developer
M kusanagi


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