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A Map for Garry's Mod


  • Big update more weapon spawns more areas different textures.
In a secluded middle of nowhere part of somewhere, a group of terrorists converge. From an untrained observation, this facility is just a semi suspicious looking office complex, but there is always more then meets the eye.

Couple months in development, just posting here for a hopefully wider testing base without the light hassle of posting to the steam workshop.

Couple things to note, the sewer sucks, i have been trying to get it to working order for a while but to no avail, so i kinda just blocked it off for now, having multiple water brushes in a map is nigh impossible. There may be some weird textures that look out of place, something i have noticed going on with my hammer editor. the unmarked T rooms can be opened by anyone, but it would take a bit of exploration to find them. T traps should work well, i have yet to find any problems with them. If you find any problems please notify me. Hope you enjoy the map.



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    After exploring the map a bit I've come to the conclusion that the map has potential. There are certainly quite a few kinks to be worked out, but given enough time and effort it could be quite a fun map to play on.

    The map is a fair bit bigger than I was expecting, but it's not something I'd want to play on with more than 5-10 people. There's room for more, but I feel that any more than that would cause issues in pretty much all but two areas.

    At first I felt there weren't enough weapons and ammunition around the map as I was exploring. Then I stumbled upon the storage area. I shot one of the explosive barrels and immediately realized my mistake as my game had gone from 100fps down to 1fps for a few minutes. I realized that all the weapons and ammo were hidden inside coffins in a neighboring storage container, and the explosions had caused so much physics calculations that it nearly crashed my game because of all the barrels, weapons and ammo. I'd consider moving the container of weapons, or placing weapons and ammo normally. This sort of thing can crash servers and easily get the map removed entirely from a server if it does.

    I had also noticed that pretty much the entire map was being rendered almost everywhere you stood, especially in the lobby area. Where on most maps I would normally get 180-220fps I was getting barely 100. There's still quite a bit of optimization to be done, but it's still playable (At least on my hardware, not sure about other peoples set ups).

    Other than that, the only issues I had come across were minor texture issues and a couple brush issues. I've actually taken screenshots of what, specifically, I'm referring to in this post.

    Hope to see this map developed and updated more!


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    wut is dis map? for casuls?


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Me, made the map
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multiple people
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