Military Zone v3

A Map for Team Fortress 2

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Version 3
  • Additional detailing in underground area
  • Minor layout changes in underground area
  • Minor detail and lighting fixes
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Version 2B
  • Fixed some overlays not displayed
  • Upgraded health and ammo packs
  • Fixed minor lighting issues
  • Fixed clipping bugs
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Small military base in the middle of a forest

Small military base in the middle of a forest
Remake of vsh_military_area



  • 4mo
    This map has some fps issues a lot of people came up to me saying.

     Also u can see through the displacements to the room in blue spawn so hale doesn't even need to enter room to see if people are in it. .  You cant use have displacements try to block visibility over skyboxes like that ? Try moving the skybox back. Maybe add nodraw around displacement hills ?


    (G-S.N)Chicago Ben
  • 4mo
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    Red Zed
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    105th Inc.
    looks like u put a lot of effort into that map
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    not an offensive mantra (help)
  • 4mo
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    Could you add some playerclip to that handrail by the barrels and other places you can get cought in small corners
    Text message missing avatar
    Text message missing
  • 4moEdited 4mo This 1 way is very campy and not a good design as it is. 

    The main part of the room also has too much of its elevation too high. You should make some of those barrels 1 jump areas. As it is its too high and spot seems too useful in that regard. 

    Also the trigger push on the roof is too easy to resist and engs can build on it without too much trouble.


    (G-S.N)Chicago Ben
  • 5mo
    benedevil avatar
    benedevil Offline
    Member Joined 6y
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    Hey, it seems like the arena logic for this map doesn't work, which is causing the plugin not to work properly. Would be nice if you can fix this, since I absolutely love the redo of this map
  • 5mo  Found a small edge on the displacement you can stand on here.  In the old version there is no ledge here so building as eng was actually pretty good in this area. IDK if designed but as it is this ledge really changes the gameplay from the old version.   Plz make the overlays bigger and seperate the hp/ammp on all spots like 16 units apart at least, too close and the white is too small. Is this intended ? This area is too easy to clip onto one of the edges, plz make it slightly easier to way in this area somehow. 


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    (G-S.N)Chicago Ben
  • 5mo
    I find great irony in the fact that we are both trying to edit/update old/outdated  popular vsh maps LOL

    Did you get the blessing of the original maker? Please plug old version/creator for respect at least.


    (G-S.N)Chicago Ben
  • 6mo
    SilverScrublord avatar
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    367 points Ranked 11462nd
    Oh hey, this map is actually visually pleasing now, I hope some servers start running it.
    Takes Memes Seriously
  • 6mo
    GBDerpy avatar
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    Bro, i fucking love you. This was one of my fav maps back in the day. 
  • 6mo
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    Well this is something amazing, the map from back old days. Now in new and better form! Well done my friend.

    Here's an image of the this map, how it looked back in then.
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    I hate point farmers.


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