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  • Update (b1): Hey guys! Over the past few weeks i've been working on a new update for vsh_barnyard! I have added, removed and fixed certain things with the help of FlipFTW and PigPig (greatly appreciated). Added: -Sniper tower! This is a tower with three levels which is based there for a great height advantage against hale! -Ladders I have added a few more ladders to make sure that ALL classes can get ontop of the barn. -More health and ammo! There is now more and increased health and ammo packs. If all ammo and health are small, that is due to a plugin that I cannot help you with. -Lowered rooves! Every roof in the map is lowered and can be climbed on completely (apart from red sapwn which can only be climber on partially! -Escape routes! You now hve more places to go if hale is chasing you! -Platforms! There is now an increased amount of platforms to jump to and from so you can maneuver around the map with ease! -Hale opportunities there are more opportunities for hale to move around so he can be able to win. Removed: -Music I have removed all music and other sounds that were in this map to deflate the maps size and enable hale songs to be played without interference. -Props I have removed some props to decrease lag, and to increase frames. -Lighting I have removed some lighting in some areas to fit the theme of the building you are in. Fixed: Displacements. I have removed some displacements below map that are not visible to increase frames. Lighting issues with props. Clipping issues with some props that can be passed through. Place where you can get stuck. Some engineer and heavy-based areas. Nobuild areas to prevent exploitation. Lighting in main barn. Ladder glitches. Rooves now climable. Bright sun fixed. Massive vault door block exploit. Plant fix in container room. Lighting issues with textures and solids. Pretty much everything explained in the video FlipFTW posted below. Massive skybox issue, portraying map in a corner, killing frames. Thank you everyone for downloading this map, a rate would be really appreciated!
vsh_barnyard_b1 2y
You cannot in ANY WAY edit this map for your own use. If there is a bug or fix needed, please tell me, and I will fix it. Thank You.

Hi Everyone!

I'm glad you stopped past to check out my new map vsh_barnyard!
This map is my proudest yet and I am glad to share it to the awesome Gamebanana community!

This map includes:

- A lot of engineer spots

I am aware that people love to be engineer on large maps like this one, so I have made sure that there are plenty of places to go!

- A fair amount of health and ammo
I made sure that this map had spread out all health and ammo fairly and equally so it is also fair to hale in winning the fight.

- Props
Loads of props in this map, mainly meaning 'entdata' seeing as there are plenty more dynamic rather than static props in the map.

- Rooms
There are 9 rooms to explore and go into. This includes the main barn. I made plenty of rooms knowing that people enjoy exploring new areas of maps. This map is somewhat open, but not extensively open.

If you cap the point, explosions happen, so yeah.

- Light

People love light, so I added it to every room and inch of the map so people can see where hale is!

- 3 large
- 9 medium
- 7 small
- 1 Full
- 11 medium
- 12 small

Little bits of extra info:

- Skybox: sky_harvest_01

I hope you enjoy this map made by me! Have Fun!


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    Hi GBDerpy,

    FlipFTW here, I see you've started/finished a new map, so I thought I'd mess around on it and give my thoughts on it. I made a video that pretty much explains my thoughts that i recommend you watch when you can.

    If any part of my critique confused you, just reply to my post or PM me, besides that I'm really glad to see your making maps again, keep up the good work.

    Additional Comments:

    If you didn't watch the video or can't for some reason, the main points I touched on summarized were
    • Glitchy lighting - Likely caused by props clipping into another fighting for dominance
    • Roof assess - try to make it possible for ALL the classes to platform to every roof, and connect the roofs more, currently very isolated and unattractive
    • Health/Ammo- General rule of thumb, if its outdoors, make it small, if its indoors, its fine if they are medium
    • Clipping - Some objects are not clipped (you can walk in them), lots of stairs have clipping issues causing flickering.(Laser thing, box, cart, several stairs and wall pipes)
    • Platforming extended: make trees better to climb, make possible to move around sides easily on mid
    • Secret (door) - make it so that players dont block, or that its not infintely stallable (also probably want to make nobuild)
    • Ladder(red side) - Fix top rung stopping players (mby nobuild)
    • benchs (health packs) - try to make it harder to get stuck
    • EXTREME LAG - likely due to skybox being able to see map or something similar, drops frames from 300 to 40

    Edit 1:
    Asked pigpig about the skybox thing, he said it was probably no vis.

    If you change your power from 4 to 2 or 3, it might fix some things that were bugging out

    according to pigpig, 4 is overkill in most cases, stick to using 2 or 3.
    Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici
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