A Map for Team Fortress 2


  • Added a motivator
  • Added several Easter eggs for players
  • Improved several traps
  • Removed first chance doors
  • Removed outdoor trap for being too OP
  • Added a Shrek trap
  • Added a lot of custom content
  • Fixed players being able to block opening doors
  • Replaced arena with a massive hedge maze
  • Re-designed humiliation to be fool proof
  • Fixed death not being teleported to the end
  • Minor stuff
  • Removed the chance pads trap
  • Added credits
  • More detailing
  • Added a sprite trail feature above the vending machines
  • Fixed missing spikes on the first trap
  • Fixed players being able to escape several traps
  • Fixed broken doors
  • Minor bug fixes
current version: dr_tf2_museum_v5_fix

A unique Deathrun map with a unique theme!
Who says museums can be boring? Not this one, and its deadly too!
My first dr map 
-20  traps
-both blue and red anti-afk system
-32 player spawn
-A maze
-4 different endings
-A motivator
-Optimization, no more crashing servers!
-A unique setting!
-Freerun button for blue
-chance doors
-and much more~

*Map is unfinished, stay tuned for more updates*

Feel free to add this map to your server rotation.
If you have encoutered any bugs with the map please post them bellow!



Improve some of the traps


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  • Hey, great map!

    On our servers however I got myself stuck in the floor of the Trump trap and the trap didn't kill me. Could you maybe fix that?

    http:// steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=911945658
    http:// steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=911945630



  • zakariasan2 avatar
    zakariasan2 Joined 5y ago
    Posted by myst-erious

    the update has made the map size way too huge

    I just had a quick look through the file, and it appears that it is using wav files, especially for the 'we are number one' music which is 22mb. I would suggest converting the big ones into mp3 to help decrease the size. If you are trying to stop the music from carrying over to the next round, make sure that in the flags in ambient_generic for 'Is NOT looped' is unchecked (forgot to mention that in my previous comment since players complained about the music carrying over).  Another way to also decrease the size is by using bsprepack. It helps almost decrease the size by half. Put this in console AFTER you have packed your map with its materials, sounds, models, cubemaps etc: bsp_repack maps/dr_tf2_museum_<version>.bsp maps/dr_tf2_museum_<version>.bsp
    P.S. Just remember to replace the <version> with the current version of the map e.g. v5_fixed

    P.S. bsp_repack is bugged at the moment. Just tested it with my map and got told by people that it was. My map's cubemaps were turned into error textures which showed up in the console making a huge amount of logs about them. Don't compile with this until it has been fixed.
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    the update has made the map size way too huge


  • zakariasan2 avatar
    zakariasan2 Joined 5y ago
    This map is awesome! Just ran it on our deathrun server and people enjoyed it, but, there are some slight problems that can make the map unplayable.
    1. The death doesn't get teleported into the containment at the end where the runner chooses the minigame. They must be in a certain area for them to get teleported on the death side. Look at death's side and see where it teleport doesn't meet up with them.
    2. The doors that open slowly (majorly the 2nd door) can be blocked by the players, halting it from opening. There is a gap when players block the door, but it's too small for them to couch through. Maybe make the door go up or try ignore debris, force close. Try fiddling with it.
    3. The button that kills the death, when players get to the end and do humiliation, can be blocked by other runners, making it difficult for at least one person to activate the death since they are hitting eachother. Maybe make it touch sensitive like if a player touches it with their character, then it activates the button.
    Other than that the map is wonderful and we look forward to the upcoming updates :)
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  • lildick avatar
    lildick Joined 1y ago
    This is one gorgeous looking map!


  • Vincentor avatar
    Vincentor Joined 7y ago
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    the environments look great, and the lighting matches everything just fine, but the traps really bring the map down


    Cocking about
  • HyperPinkiePie avatar
    HyperPinkiePie Joined 3y ago
    720 points Ranked 6950th
    Posted by R60D

    The custom textures and sounds are still missing.
    And you should add env_cubemaps to the map, to fix those default reflections.
    really? damn :/ I like the way the map look so far tho
    Lets Party! avatar
    Lets Party!
  • R60D avatar
    R60D Joined 2y ago
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    The custom textures and sounds are still missing.
    And you should add env_cubemaps to the map, to fix those default reflections.

    Fix2 has fixed the missing extures and sounds. Great job.
  • Izotope avatar
    Izotope Joined 1y ago
    Fortress Labs Flag Affiliation: Fortress Labs
    485 points Ranked 9931st
    Hey there, I checked out your map and I think it looks very good compared to other maps.

    What I noticed first was the error spam in the console.
    ALL of your props that do not have a collision model are set to have collision, causing this error to be spammed in the console:
    SOLID_VPHYSICS static prop with no vphysics model!

    It's not a big issue but definitely worth eliminating, since it gets in the way of hunting for further bugs.

    You can fix this by setting the collision properties of your props to nonsolid.

    Another error the console spits out is that some of your props are trying to play an animation that it doesn't have. Specifically these:
    Dynamic prop trap4fake: no sequence named:idleDynamic prop prop_dynamic: no sequence named:pumping
    Easy fix: don't give them sequence names that they don't have. You can check what sequences your props have by opening the Model browser and clicking on the "Sequences" tab of your selected model.

    The teleport doors on the Activator's side (or Death's side) that lead you to the next areas are very confusing. They look all the same, and their position does not help in every case. Sure, you can memorize them by playing more often, but as a newcomer to this map, indication as to which door leads where can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

    I would suggest using different textures that indicate the direction. For example you could have a green texture be forward and red texture backwards. But since you are already using custom textures, I would suggest making one for the doors that say something like "This Way" or "Next Area" and vice versa for going backwards.

    Next up: The Minigame.
    I could hop on the edge of the wooden barrier that you put in there and avoid being hit completely.
    You should probably extend the invisible clip brush a bit to fix this.

    The bathroom mirrors are glitching out.
    Seen here: i(dot)imgur(dot)com/Jtx6xPx(dot)png
    (Can't post links yet)They work fine while looking at them from a certain angle, but turn black from another.

    The first spike trap appears to be missing 1 spike, unless that was intentional.
    You use a lot of brushwork, so I hope you use func_details wherever you can.

    Lastly: Your buttons don't support +use and can only be damaged.
    Deathrun veterans will appreciate it if you enable this feature, as it allows for faster trap activation without the penalty of a delayed weapon swing.
    To do this, you need to change your button outputs from "OnDamaged" to "OnPressed" and enable these flags:
    - Don't Move
    - Damage Activates
    - Use Activates

    I hope this helps!

    Very short summary:
    Interesting map with great potential.


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    OwO What's this?
  • wooooops wrong file
    will be updated as soon as possible!
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