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A remake of se_recoil
  • retexture some parts and added hostage rescuing and bomb defusing and more!
Click on this link below!
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se_recoil2 Map Update!
  • I added a lot of features in this map like bomb planting and defusing & Hostage rescuing!
Click on this link below!
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My very first map that I submitted into this website!

Map purposes
Weapon texture checkin
Weapon sounds checkin
and more!



  • 4mo
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    What's the point of this map?
  • 5mo
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    Posted by Drix27

    Posted by Dronska

    spawn points  =(, but nice map
    Ill try makin an update of this map :D

    Nice one <3 :DDD
  • 5mo
    Drix27 avatar
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    Posted by Dronska

    spawn points  =(, but nice map
    Ill try makin an update of this map :D
    CS:GO Porter
  • 5mo
    C A T avatar
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    Member Joined 1y
    Damn, my maps never get this much critique. Great first map! 

    Try to get some custom textures on your next map - people are a sucker for a fresh, new look.

    Also, always add 32 player spawns. Just in case it gets played on a big server, people aren't stuck spectating. 
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  • 5mo
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    rj. Dreamin'
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    - Good brush layouts (wall and floor), I'm like in a real bank based on these map's layouts.
    - Unlike most of CS 1.6 map creations, this map has a perfect measurements. Wide and comfortable to play with both multi-player and bots, measured enough to be a "bank".
    - Decorated ceiling, specially those lights.

    - Awesome weapons set, complete CS 1.6 guns and equipments when spawn, and hey, I don't need to buy anything in buy item menu :D. A brilliant idea to start the 1v1 round by picking armoury entities in the ground.

    - Realistic and creative choices of textures, have default CS textures which can suits better with bank structure/map, and then I will hope that you can change them to more better.
    - I just notice that most of the brushes do not actually fitted with it's texture. Fixing all of these is the must, such as this one: the brush is used to walk by player/s, however, the texture actually used with wall brushes.
    - Some of the brushes, like these two, must align properly with each other. 

    - I suggest to apply some specific texture/s of this long and dark model/brush. Glass texture + Sky (outside) would be nicer for me.

    - The light levels of this place (my current location | in screenshot) was too dark and creepy. You must place some lights to each corner of the roof/ceiling.

    - You know that every round starts, I always like "What was just happened? oh my..!"?. It's very nice when I'm playing 1v1 with a bot, yet with this map, I don't know if you consciously make a few distance between CT and T camp. You know, this should be fixed and I don't know If you know all about this.

    - As Harris said that "Although the structure of the map is supposed to be a bank, there are some very basic things missing from it to make it look like a bank." which is the truth, that there's actually a couple of simple things you should add when making the map more unique and detailed: the realistic models, and/or brush props. You can just place these entities(models) anywhere you would like, it depends with you creativity. The brush props (like crates, structures, brushworks, et c.) usually represents the backbone of a map, without it, a map cannot enjoyable and playable (sometimes).

    For overall, a well-decent map for being a beginner. I hope you can modify and improve some map's parts and to keep improving your current map, as well as your next work .


  • 5mo
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    Here's a little feedback.


    Although the structure of the map is supposed to be a bank, there are some very basic things missing from it to make it look like a bank. Don't get me wrong, apart from a couple bad texture alignments the overall design looks pretty decent for your first map, but it needs some more details. It doesn't have to be complicated things. For example you can use a custom texture for money and create little money stacks in the map. Then you could add a big gate so that would be the money safe. In the future (assuming that you become more advanced) you could make a reception and different rooms with models and such. As for the season I would say that it's okay if you can't see outdoors. Although it adds extra points to your map when you can see outside even if you can't reach that area. That way you can add a sunny skybox behind windows for instance.


    A couple of details can be ignored if the map is fun to play, but in this case the biggest problem is the gameplay. There are 3 big floors but no one will probably reach them because the players can face each other before the round starts (screenshot ). The fact that the map has only 2 slots makes it worse because the round lasts from 1 to 3 seconds. If it had more spawn entities then players would be able to use their teammates as cover and move around. It sounds fun but wouldn't be a good idea for players who aren't good enough at the game. If you don't want to add obstacles then you can at least place the spawn entities far from each other so people can play the map properly.

    Final thoughts

    The lighting is almost perfect ( something that a lot of beginners struggle with ) and most of the textures are used wisely. There is a lot of room for improvement considering that the map has also 3 floors. The lack of obstacles and spawn entities is what prevents it from being fun to play.


    aaabdurazak! avatar
  • 5mo
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    High score for the usefullness.


    Tin Foil Hit Man
  • 5mo
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    Member Joined 5mo
    spawn points  =(, but nice map
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