Zombie Survival Dustbowl

A Map for Team Fortress 2


  • Addition Created MOTD images, english file and custom soundscapes, and repacked the map.
  • Addition HDR lighting and cubemaps now being used, VIS-leaf cutting improved, and hellhole added.
  • Addition Added functional ladder to zone C and shifted lighting to point towards it.
  • Addition Added proper signs to zone A and also a chalkboard to zone C.
  • Adjustment Fixed single non-physics barrel in zone B not being a physics prop.
  • Adjustment Fixed certain rocks in the background of zone A fading away with distance.
  • Adjustment Disabled shadows on large background supports in zone C.
  • Adjustment Completely sealed off small building near zone B entrance in zone C.
  • Adjustment Fixed brush clipping near button 1 in zone C.
  • Adjustment Fixed odd visibility issues in zone C while facing zone B.
  • Adjustment Completely reworked health and ammo placement and deleted barrels in the way of this.
  • Adjustment Fixed odd roof shading in zone B and the one-way door is no longer silent.
  • Adjustment Adjusted doors of zone A shack to both use blocked textures and appropriate lighting.
  • Adjustment Increased volume of button-pressing noise.
  • Adjustment Fixed pillar in red spawn causing bad shadows against nearby exit.
  • Adjustment Fixed visually broken brush on rooves of zone C.
  • Adjustment Miscellaneous shadow and clipping improvements.
  • Adjustment One-way door is now fully disabled on round end.
  • Adjustment Added slight red tint to overall lighting and skybox lighting.
  • Adjustment Rotated the spectator camera upward.
  • Removal Deleted non-special clocks and unlit lanterns in zones A and B.
  • Removal Removed arena logic and decorative blood.
  • Removal Removed skybox particles and ropes.
Version 14 (zs_dustbowl_v14) 6mo
  • Adjustment Major server-crashing bug introduced in Jungle Inferno fixed, balloon head condition trigger is no longer disabled.
  • Adjustment One-way door between zone A and zone B no longer pushes players when a round is won.
Version 13 (zs_dustbowl_final1) 1y

1. Description

Thank you so much for making Zombie Survival Dustbowl get GameBanana's "Today's Pick" on the 24th of March 2017!

Zombie Survival Dustbowl (filename zs_dustbowl_v14) is the definitive map of any Zombie Survival server. All three zones of the original map have been rolled into one full stage, in which Medics spawn at zone A (first round in normal Dustbowl) and Engineers spawn at zone C (third round), with an underground tunnel bridging A and C together. Dustbowl has earned its place in history due to its large size, near-perfect balance of defensible areas and hiding spots, and the one true disco to rule them all.

2. Play Requirements

2.1. Private Playtesting

A private playtest can be performed without the need of the Zombie Survival gamemode. In order to load the map, open Team Fortress 2 and type in the developer console "map zs_dustbowl_v14" without quotations.

To simulate the height of the double jump that Medics have in Zombie Survival, type "sv_gravity 400". To restore gravity to normal, type "sv_gravity 800".

2.2. Public Server

This map is built specifically for Rushy Servers, a Team Fortress 2 server group designed to support a native Zombie Survival gamemode. If you wish to run this map on your own public server, the following requirements must be met server-side:
  • Restrict RED team to Engineers with no sentries and BLU team to Medics with melee only.
  • The BLU team cannot move for 30 seconds and are always Ubered while in their spawn.
  • The BLU team can press a key while in the air to jump again, but only once, until they touch the ground.
  • Dead RED team members are immediately moved to the BLU team.
  • If the RED team is empty, force the BLU team to win.

3. Disco Activation Tutorial

Be warned, it can be very dangerous attempting to complete the objectives needed to activate the disco, so make sure your fellow Engineers are following you and that you have memorised the path from start to finish. The objectives have lengthy delays, so follow the steps below with a single lead Engineer elected and do not attempt to complete the objectives collaboratively. Do not attempt to activate the disco as a Medic, for the objectives will not work for you.
  1. Hit the bleeding clock with your melee. This step is required in order for the ordered buttons to register.
  2. Locate buttons 1 through to 3 and hit them with your melee, then you can either use the Eureka Effect or a teleporter to warp back to spawn, travel from A to C the risky way, or travel through B for a slightly safer but longer trip.
  3. Locate buttons 4 and 5 and hit them with your melee.
  4. Within a few seconds a hatch will open close to button 5. Drop into this hatch to commence the disco and get the big head and low gravity effects in the process. This is the only step that Medics can also perform.

4. Version 1 Update Log

This section of the submission documents the changes made in version 1 of Zombie Survival Dustbowl. For future changes, please refer to the updates log of this submission.
  • Clips blocking off the separate zones removed.
  • All control points, doors and related entities deleted.
  • Added tunnel between zone A and C, creating a circular map.
  • Completely blocked off access to zone A shack because of indoor lighting issues. Added boxes and extra ledges to replace the shack's railway tracks.
  • Removed all railway tracks and unnecessary mine-carts because of lighting issues.
  • Added drop-down from upper tunnel near shack to previously inaccessible lower tunnel near zone A final control point.
  • Added a ramp to zone B's first building and removed door beneath first zone B control point.
  • Removed one room and hollowed out the window of zone B's second building.
  • Bumps added between displacements due to lighting issues.
  • Clips above and behind zone B's final control point removed.
  • Glass textures removed in order to save compile time.
  • Access to highest point of zone C walkways prohibited with the use of a closed roller door.
  • Connected both tech-rooms in zone C.
  • Increased the height of the sniping area in zone C, thus creating a second entry for crouching players.
  • Many models removed and replaced with solids because of lighting issues.
  • Restricted access to only one part of zone C spawns.
  • Clips near zone C spawns removed, allowing access to areas previously blocked by mesh or invisible walls.
  • All clips smoothed to prevent players getting accidentally stuck.

5. Links and Credits

Servers that run this map here

Steam Workshop upload here (less up-to-date)

Initial map design, textures and models belong to Valve Corporation. Modifications and extra textures made to suit Zombie Survival by Jack (Jack5) Stringer. Music in-map is 'Who Likes to Party' by Kevin MacLeod.
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