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here you go my cs:s bhop buddies

like 1:30 average time i think, easy map

pls tell me if there's any issues with it :(



  • 6mo
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    Review: bhop_alien_ruins


    You have a solid design set in place but i feel lacking in detail with that map. Areas felt very void of textures with the same brick like textures on the wall felt very bland. The architecture had the same issue too with it only having one texture and using brushes to do detail. Some textures were not lined up correctly, but very minimal and not terribly noticeable if you are just playing regularly. The design of an "alien ruin" seems like it was achieved but the architecture being destroyed at the first level and the walls being intact looked weird and abnormal. Another way i felt the "alien ruin" theme got off track were the nature parts with the trees and grass. They felt very forced detail and didn't feel natural. The caves i felt where the strongest parts "looks" wise, besides the parts where displacements were messed up. The skybox fit the map, but with it just being the skybox, it looked like the map was just floating over a void and just felt like a part of the map was missing. Try experimenting with 3D skyboxes in your next map. Overall, with the design i felt you had what you were going for but lacked detail and forced detail strayed from the original design.


    I have mixed feelings about the gameplay. This is a very auto-bhop friendly in terms of gameplay and not so much scroll, but it is still possible. There were some parts where i feel you followed a pattern (something which many bunnyhop mappers do these days) instead of using good block placement. I do though love the parts where its a choice of where to go but feel like it was a forced way for routers who are no failing the map will only do. My favorite part in terms of looks is also my least favorite part in terms of gameplay. The narrow, linear caves do not really work in a obvious auto-bhop map, it restricts movement, routing and feels more like a slow down part in a map that's open with different bunnyhop blocks . Besides the caves i feel this map is very open to different routes and paths.


    I am personally not an expert at lighting, but i feel this map relied too much on the environment lighting and could have used different ways of light. For example, where you enter the part with the many pillars and the lighting coming out there is an ugly, dark, untouched spot which looks very weird and unnatural. 


    • I see water was used which i felt was weird and out of place but didn't really notice until i actually fell in it. 
    • There are random slopes that are out of place and some times break the flow when someone is running the map.
    • Use triggers on the bunnyhop blocks to add an extra layer of difficulty and so people just don't walk the map 


    I feel you achieved your design, but personally felt that you could have expanded on it and achieved a nicely detailed map. The gameplay i felt was very open to choice and routing but the linear cave parts force you where to go on what was a very open to routing map.

    I hope I sound coherent in my review and don't sound like an idiot that's just rambling but I want to see more maps from you and for you to improve. Good Luck!


  • 6mo
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    Bug List:
    1.The green markers are clipped.
    2.The cave water isn't animated.
    3.The textures in the caves are not lined up right.
    4.The first cave has a displacement on the concrete in the bottom left corner.
    5.The second cave has a weird displacement on the top of the concrete doorway.
    6.There is a weird displacement on the right wall of the doorway at the end of the second cave.
    7.The zone markers at the end are bigger than the ones in the beginning.

    Overall not a bad map at all, but it could be improved by fixing these little things.


  • 6mo
    one. avatar
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    this map is a mess wtf :O


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