A Map for Counter-Strike 1.6

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One map for a fun type. Is my first map and i waiting critics or congratulations!



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    Hi and welcome to Gamebanana! I just downloaded your map and played it, so I would like to give some feedback.


    The theme of the map looks like an Egypt based map and I would say that you partially got it down. Most of the textures blend very nicely with each other. The sand and the old yellow stone walls remind me of egyptian structure. In addition to that the layout can be pretty confusing in the first rounds, it's kind of like a mysterious Egyptian labyrinth ( or a maze, if you will ). However there are a couple of things which could be done to improve the map further. Here's a small list :

    • The walls with the red stripes and tube don't really fit in the map. Not only because of the theme of the map, but the tube leads to nowhere. It just looks like it exists there, but there's no use of it! Of course it doesn't have to always be so realistic, but it kinda feels off in this map. Here's a picture to show what I'm talking about. The same goes about the vending machines.
    • The lighting is a little too bright for the sky texture you used. You can either use a different sky or change the color and brightness of the light entity you added. Also changing the pitch of the lighting can make the map a little more interesting because it will cast bigger shadows. But that has to be done according to the sky too. For example if there's a sun at the left side of the sky texture, then you would want to make it look like the lighting is coming from there by changing the pitch value in your light entity.
    • The map has no entrances! An important part that most beginners don't pay attention to is adding an entrace to the map. It doesn't have to be something crazy, just something that shows a gate or door. Then again, if the sculpted wall you added next to the crate at T side is meant to be a door then you can skip this step.
    • Vegetation is done right. You didn't add too many models of them and they're also at the right place. However some grass textures or bushes would be nice around those areas too.


    If I judged by screenshots I'd say that it's another box type map, but it doesn't feel like it. A reason for that is the layout which reminds a labyrinth as I said above. But the cool thing about it is that you won't get lost in it, simply because it's done with prudence. It has the feeling but doesn't ruin the gameplay. The middle part is also great for practicing some wallbang. Or you can just spam some grenades on the enemy team for fun. There's something that you gotta fix though, I noticed that people die if I'm playing this map 5 vs 5. It's because the spawn entities are too close to each other. Try moving them away from each other. If there's no room for that I would suggest making the spawn rooms a little bigger.

    Final thoughts

    I see a lot of potentinal in this map. For your first map it's great and the issues aren't that important except the spawn issue.


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  • 6mo
    Yes, this map making site is a disease. My advice would be to publish a map only if it has at least two floors and a roof, the rest is always trash.


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  • 6mo
    Please, dont do maps in that website.
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