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  • Small tweaks and fixes
v2.7 28d
  • Improvement New doors / optimisation / small changes and additions
v2.6 (22/10/18) 30d


Objectives :

1. Find the key
2. Start the hack
3. Defend :
    The generator
    The computer
4. Stop the ritual
5. Call for help
6. Escape

Alternative link :

Change logs :

b1.5 to b1.6 : (06/03/17)
- Optimization reworked
- Objectives infos tweaked
- Hack timer modified to 2min 30sec (instead of 3min)
- Generator's health points increased
- Computer's health points added
- "Idols" health points decreased
- Find the key isn't optional anymore
- Key is easier to find
- Garage area modified (easier to defend for survivors)
- Slightly more weapons and ammos to loot
- Zombies will now win if computer or generator is destroyed
- Floor opening in supply room removed
- Some other changes (doors, barricades...)
- Some aesthetic tweaks and fixes
- Few sound tweaks
- Correctly Pakrated

b1.6 to b1.7 : (09/03/17)
- Zombie win slightly delayed (messages added for survivors)
- Persistent beacons fixed
- Red marker now appears after the hack
- Barricades removed at main zombie spawn
- Piano model removed (appear pink on low graphic settings)
- Underground doors fixed
- Last "zombie" door is fixed and now open (so to speak)
- Two windows added upstairs
- Sounds fixes
- Other minor changes (lights, props, loot)

b1.7 to b1.8 : (11/03/17)
- Annoying bug with Idol's pyramids fixed (thanks to Wint'er)
- New path added underground ("window" added)

b1.8 to b1.9 : (19/03/17)
- "A key was found..." should now appear to every players

b1.9 to b2.1
(broken version): (14/04/17)
- Secret room added
- More guns - More ammos (based on player pop)
- Slightly less props - Light tweaks

- Optimization further improved
- Escape part and idol's room reworked
- Pre-existent barricades slightly easier to break for zombies
- Minor tweaks / bugfixes...
Escape part :
- "Door" reworked (breakable)
- Park removed, exit moved (for optimization purpose)
- Military truck and final objective moved
Mansion :

- Possible key positions reduced from 6 to 5
- Some windows now closed, some props removed
- Back door (close to the zombie spawn) removed
- Dining and living rooms changed
Idol's room :
- Larger room including a defensive position
Survivor spawn area :
- No more boards to break (or climb)

b2.1to b2.2 : (15/04/17)
- Major issue fixed (win trigger)
- Final part : barricades added to slow survivors
- Last zombie door tweaked

b2.3 : (28/04/17)
- Last part reworked: Objective added
- Minor changes (loot, optimization, lights...)

b2.4 (broken version): (30/04/17)
- Minor fixes and changes
- Optimization improvements

b2.6  : (02/05/17)
- Optimization improvements :
areaportals (re)added, few props removed
- Unbreakable window in the hackroom is now breakable
- Human win trigger is hopefully functional now (!)
- Hack timer reduced by 30 seconds
- Lights tweaks
- Other minor fixes

b2.7 skipped to avoid a bug from hammer

b2.8  :  (11/09/17)
- Areas modified : Living room / Kitchen / Garage
- Balance tweaks (more loot, stronger doors etc)
- Ritual part : some doors won't close by themselves anymore
- Light tweaks
- Optimization improvements
- Other minor changes

b2.9  : 
(11/09/17) - hotfix -
- Oversaturated light fixed (kitchen)

b3.0 : (15/09/17)

- New path added : from the library to the ritual room
- Some changes on : lights, optimization...
- Loot partly revisited
- Number of edicts greatly reduced
- Some changes from 2.8 rollbacked

b3.1 : (24/09/17)

- Issues from 3.0 fixed
- Some objectives revisited (underground)

- New zombies spawns and covers (house)
- New path from 3.0 revisited
- New doors added (underground)
- Loot revisited
(slighly decreased)
- Optimization improvements
Other minor changes

b3.2 : (28/10/2017)
Ritual room changes
- Slightly more loot
- One gutter has been removed (Z path to computer)
- Path from Z spawn to library added
- Kitchen and garage changes
Wider generator's vulnerable zone
- Skybox improved
- Minor fixes, tweaks and changes

v1.1b : (10/01/18)
- ZPS 3.0 Compatible
- Ritual room and library reworked
- Optimization improvements
- Sewers removed

v1.2 : (16/01/18)
- Issues with objectives fixed
- New path underground
- Small tweaks and fixes

v1.2f :
- fixed version of 1.2
- small tweaks and fixes

1.3 : Fixes and tweaks
- glitched z spawn fixed
- glitched levers when z use them fixed
- balance tweaks
- minor changes

1.3b :
- Badly positioned z spawn fixed
- Levers could glitch (fixed)
- Small fixes and changes (on balance mostly)

1.3c :
- pakrat omission fixed

1.4 :
- 30 seconds added to both timers
- some Z spawns changes (new z spawns closer to library)
- Loot decreased
- Last part : damage filter on metal door fixed
- Small tweaks and fixes

1.5 :
- Z teleporter added underground
- weapons/ammos slightly decreased
- more healthpacks / boards
- damage filter fixes
- small changes (sounds and textures)
- fixed a glitch that could happen with text
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    Hey, I've played your map weeks ago and I really enjoyed it! You created an unique objective list for it with amazing brushwork details inside the house. The interiors and basement are well-made as well as outside area. I liked how you improved your lighting and added more props to fill empty spaces.
    Only one thing I would suggest is to tweak zombie spawns when survivors are 'defending' the generator and hacking the computer. 

    It took me sometime to find my way inside the house when I spawned outside. I got sniped from windows when I was walking outside area too, maybe you could close some windows or add more cover-fire for us zombies. I find myself pretty much lost to understand the objective, adding informative or well placed beacons could fix that. 
    Small suggestion: try to improve your 3D-skybox just a little and be sure to add more details in rooms which feels cubic and empty. 

    Overall, really nice and fun map to play. I were in a server with 22 players and managed to reach the exit gates, but I failed to run away from the horde of zombies on my back. hahaha
    Keep up with great work!


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