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A Map for Half-Life

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0000_3v3 2y
  • Improvement Too many changes to list
- Fixed bugs with secret area traps
- New Custom Textures
- New Areas
- New Paths 
- New Secrets
- New Custom Sounds
- Improved Delays on doors and increased speed of doors

0000_3v3 by: twitch


Completion Date:    6 Dec 2017       

Map Name:      0000_3v3.bsp

Author:             twitch

Author email:



This map is made for three teams (3v3). One team in the main area, one team in the first layer

of secrets and the third in the final layer of secrets. There are three main areas to this map. 

Sprites for teleporters have been removed to make room for other entities.

Many new custom textures were made to animate the teleporter pads. Teleporter

textures are what makes the filesize so large. All textures are embedded in the map file.

Very resource intensive map. I reached some of the limits for mapping on the Goldsrc engine.

New textures, new secrets. This map is mostly played on a lan server and was never 

meant to be played by the masses. There is only one truly secure secret area in the map 

but at least three different ways to enter that area. Please do not message me and ask for 

the code to the door.

Single Player:    No

Co-Op:              No

Deathmatch:      Yes

Suggested Players:  8-24

New Textures:    Yes

New Sounds:      No

New Models:     No


CONSTRUCTION: 1 Week build time

editor used:             J.A.C.K (JackHammer)

utilities used:          VHLT, Irfanview, Photoshop, Wally

known bugs:            The map will probably crash the server if you try to run it on certain 

                         mods or with plugins that introduce extra effects, entities or models. You will            

get the 512 limit error

Secrets:                 Yes


Install in steam/steamapps/common/half-life/valve_downloads



-Moonshine! Ideas, beta testing, and motivating me to make changes.

-original author of 2000_2v2

-Uncle Mike's Compiler Tools,


Textures by:

Me (twitch)

Also: Andrew Weldon for the Nightwatch textures. Natural selection, Adam Foster, Henning Horstmann, 

Mohammad Alavi, Tomislav Spejic, and Tom DiLazaro. Coriolis Storm Texture Pack.  Textures by Lunaran. 

One additional texture by Cayle George. The Mighty Pete. Includes additional textures created from bases 

by and/or originally authored by Randy Reddig and Kevin Roberts. If you decompile 0000_3v3_robo and obtain 

the textures then please give credit to the list above for the nightwatch texture set because they rock 

and those guys deserve the credit for the awesome textures!



Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels as long as you give me credit in your read me as using this map as a base to build your level. You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH NO MODIFICATIONS. If you don't co-operate, then DON'T DISTRIBUTE IT IN ANY FORM. This LEVEL may be distributed ONLY over the Internet. You are NOT authorized to put this LEVEL on any CD or distribute it in any way without my written permission. I used some pictures and textures I found on the internet a while back. I have no way to reference the original authors because the site where I downloaded them at is no longer available.



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  • Mmtzklk avatar
    Mmtzklk Joined 1y ago
    access_time 1y
    Awesome map.You should download it.

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  • GENODEDD avatar
    GENODEDD Joined 1y ago
    access_time 1y
    Holy shit is this map good. It has so many hidden secrets so you can say it has multiple levels of complexity. Totally recommend for public games or friendly matches :) 

    11/10 would play something like this again.
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  • silentrunner007 avatar
    silentrunner007 Joined 12y ago
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    access_time 3y
    I ran through this by myself real quick. Had me laughing... totally my style of level.

    Only thing is you may want to make a 3rd version. A lot of the running(and populated) hldm servers are running severians mod. Game_player_equip's and sevs do not always place nice with one another. Not sure if this applies to servers running the amxx sevs plugin.  =)
    Stud Muffin avatar
    Stud Muffin
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