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Drag3D is a one thousand foot, 8 lane drag race track, with full

race management built in including countdowns and what lane won. This map

uses no custom textures, and so is very lightweight at only 5


Drag3D besides being visually gorgeous also contains a Showroom with

a lit up white curtain for perfect pictures of your favorite vehicle

with no visual distractions. This showroom also has a turntable,

allowing for 360 degree pictures of your car.

Drag3D also includes 3 hidden hotdogs, the obvious highlight of the

entire map and probably (isn't) the reason you're downloading it.

With all of these combined, Drag3D is the best drag strip by far.

Link Removed : I don't trust you guys to not brigade it



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Last updated September 14th, 2017
1. Do not reupload this anywhere without my permission.
Not even if you give me credit. This is my work.
Modified versions of my works (removing credits, texture changes, ports, etc.) still apply. If you have modified one of my works significantly enough, contact me on Steam by commenting on my profile and chances are, I'd probably let you reupload it.

a. Steam
I upload my works to the Steam Workshop as well when available.
If it's not on there and you want it to be, too bad.
 If you re-upload one of my works onto the Steam Workshop, I will first ask you to remove it.
If you do not comply, a DMCA report will be filed immediately and it will be removed by Valve.

b. DBolical (ModDB, GameFront, ect.)
I do not post my works onto any DBolical website, and this is not expected to change.
Uploading my use is against the ModDB ToS under 2.3, and if my work is uploaded by a 3rd party, DBolical will be contacted and a DMCA report will be filed if necessary.

c. GameBanana
Re-uploading without my permission is against the ToS. Re-uploads will be reported, and if any user repeats re-uploading my works, a DMCA report will be filed against them.

d. In-Game sharing (sprays, server downloads)
This is allowed. If you put my mod on your server and it is required to be downloaded to play on the server, your servers can distribute it to clients.

"Sprays" are similar enough that you can understand.

2. Modifying
Modify it however you like. Do whatever you want.

3. Media Use (YouTube, screenshots, etc.)
Yes. I don't mind if you take a picture or make another Let's Play. I hope your view count gets to double digits this time!

4. Liability
If one of my works breaks or makes any piece of software or hardware to malfunction or break, That's not my fault or my responsibility. Also, if you somehow break your hardware with one of my mods, you're impressively dumb.

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