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Spine of Deathwing

A Map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

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Dragon Soul

Warcraft 3 map, a reference to World of Warcraft Cataclysm Dragon Soul raid.

Encounter - Spine of Deathwing (SOLO)

The tactic is pretty much the same as the original Blizzlike, if you want additional information visit:

DeadlyImportantRoll – Throughout the encounter, Deathwing tries to throw players from his back when he senses that they are all standing on the same side of his spine. During a roll, Deathwing throws off all players and other creatures not attached to his back.

ImportantElementium Reinforced Plates
The glancing strike from the Dragon Soul destroyed one of the large armor plates on Deathwing's back and loosened another three. Players must remove all of these plates to give Thrall a chance to get a clear shot.
  • DPSBurning TendonsPlayers expose Burning Tendons when they pry up one of Deathwing's armor plates. Destroying these fibrous strands is the key to removing an armor plate.
    • Seal Armor Breach – After the players pry up an armor plate, the Burning Tendons rapidly pull the plate closed, protecting the tendons from further damage and preventing the plate from flying off.

    Corruption – These tentacles are dramatic physical manifestations of the Old God Corruption that runs rampant through Deathwing's body. They emerge first from the holes in his back left by armor plates, and they seal the wound completely, preventing any other creatures from emerging from it.
  • Attack

Deathwing's Immune System
The creatures that comprise Deathwing's Immune System emerge from the holes left by torn off armor plates. Deathwing defends himself with increasing intensity as more plates are torn off.

ImportantTankHideous Amalgamation – These unstable creatures are a patchwork of Elementium Armor fragments and pieces of the former Dragon's body held together by his molten blood.
  • Absorb Blood – The Amalgamation absorbs nearby Corrupted Blood residue. The Amalgamation grows more unstable with each Residue absorbed, increasing its damage by 10% and attack speed by 20%. At 9 stacks it becomes superheated.
  • Superheated Nucleus – The core of the Amalgamation becomes critically unstable, causing it to inflict 2153 to 2797 Fire damage to all enemies every 3 sec. If the players destroy the Amalgamation in this state, then it will trigger a Nuclear Blast.
  • DeadlyImportantNuclear Blast – The superheated nucleus of the Amalgamation triggers a massive explosion, inflicting 77137 to 87863 Fire damage to targets within 8 yds. This powerful blast pries up one of Deathwing's Elementium plates if it is within range.


TankCorrupted Blood – These living globs of Deathwing's blood appear fragile, but leave behind an indestructible residue when killed.


How to Defeat the Encounter:

Important  Grouping

How to Group: "Shift + #" of group you want

Firstly Group all Heroes on 1 
Second Group all Heroes excluding the Paladin Tank on 2
Third Group just the Paladin Tank on 3

Important  How to begin

Learning Envenom on Rogue Begins the Encounter with a Dialog

On the Beginning 4 Corruption will spawn 2 on each side Tank Taunt them all with the Paladin Tank,
Firstly Destroy any one you want,

Destroying Corruption Will Summon Hideous Amalgamation, Kill it

Then Destroy another Corruption to lower the incoming damage, since this is your first run i recommend destroying only 2 of them, otherwise destroy 3.

The second Hideous Amalgamation tank it and make sure it don't falls below 5000 health without 9 stacks of Absorb Blood
-Stacking 9 stacks of Absorb Blood: Here use the Group 1 and only the Healer and the Tank, Stack in a group near the killed Corruption and focus on each Corrupted Blood coming out, kill Corrupted Blood when near Hideous Amalgamation to trigger a stack of Absorb Blood.
When Hideous Amalgamation reaches 9 stacks of Absorb Blood it will start bursting Superheated Nucleus, lower its health below 5000, make sure there is place to run away from it after it dies, otherwise standing close would kill.

After Hideous Amalgamation finishes casting Nuclear Blast an Elementium Reinforced Plate will break and hold on Burning Tendons Use all Cooldowns on Paladin Damage and Warrior Damage, Set a Healing ward if not set before, and feel free to play the Rogue, by using Envenom and Slice and Dice.

After Burning Tendons is killed before it finishes casting Seal Armor Breach an Elementium Reinforced Plate will fly off his back, 2 new Corruption will spawn, which means you only have 2 tries on the second Elementium Reinforced Plate, The same tactic goes here

and after you pass the third Elementium Reinforced Plate, the Encounter will be finished, and will be prompted with a dialog, Finish or Proceed to Madness of Deathwing(Future coming map which is done, it has the same things as Blizzlike, but the tactic is totally different)

That is all i could say for now, in the future maybe i will upload a video playing the map.


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TrAzzErZ Joined 6y ago
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Development Info

Software used:
  • Warcraft 3 World Editor
  • Warcraft 3 Model Editor
  • MPQ Editor
Madness of Deathwing will be released in the future and after that maybe if i have time or i'm still interested, i will make the other encounters.

Known Bugs:
-Don't use cheats like: whosyourdaddy, otherwise somethimes Vampiric Smash proc will crash the game.



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