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  • Addition Added some props and repositioned some.
  • Feature Added a pool of anti-gravity water with fishes inside it on the second floor.
  • Feature Added The Monument for Achievements in Science on the first floor and a button which when pressed, can bring a wall down to cover it and vice versa.
  • Addition Added a neat easter egg to the soda machine next to the semi-functional one on the 2nd floor.
  • Feature Added a timer for how long the map has been running for.
  • Overhaul Replaced the door for the gun range's entrance with an automated one. Also made the door open and lock once the keypad is broken.
  • Overhaul Redid the glass for the teleporter to lessen overlapping translucency of the glass.
  • Adjustment Fixed door container above the garage's closed entrance being short.
  • Adjustment Fixed the vent inside the toiler ending prematurely.
  • Adjustment Fixed some texture continuity.
  • BugFix Stopped a monitor on the second floor from getting stuck everytime it gets destroyed.
  • Feature Made the wooden racks on the second floor be able to be toppled and destroyed.
  • BugFix Moved a cabient on the second floor that was clipping into the pile of boxes next to it.
  • Adjustment Moved some piles of boxes closer to the wall.

Celebrating 2 years of this map's first appearance on Gamebanana and on the web! Wish I could've done more for this map but I hope this is enough.

Update 04/09/18 3mo
  • Addition Added collision to the newly semi-operational soda machine.
  • Addition Added a neat easter egg to the semi-operational soda machine.
  • Removal Removed the health charger from the basement for balancing purposes.
  • BugFix Fixed a bug where if you stand directly at the entrance of the basement without going in and look to the sides, you will see pure black or the map's skybox instead of the doors for the kitchen.
  • BugFix Fixed some prop visibility issues (props pop in and out of existence when standing and looking at certain positions and angles).
  • Tweak Disabled a prop's shadow in the data storage room.

A quick hotfix, plus a huge lesson learnt.
These bugs only happen when playing as a prop in the prophunt gamemode, which this map was built for. 

Update 12/05/18 7mo
This map has it's custom content already packed in itself, no need to download any content packs. 

Hey there, I’m 2838 and welcome to my humble prophunt map. 


This has been a personal side project of mine for more than 2 years now, and I’ve had lots of fun in the process. 
It started as a time waster for me in the midst of summer 2016. After 2 weeks of constant making and testing, I finally uploaded it to Gamebanana and Garry's Mods. After that, with the closing summer, I only made 1 lone update until I ditched the map completely to focus on motion designing and school. 
In summer of 2017, I returned to the map once again and continued developing it. Since then I've uploaded it onto the Steam Workshop and rolled out several big updates for the map, adding props and hammering bugs along the way. 



This takes place in a quasi-scientific house where the supposed scientists run tests on headcrabs and shoot materials with a very powerful gun. It is the early morning, and the scientists have gone to give a lecture somewhere far away from home. The props, seeing the opportunity, arose from their sleep to ruin these innocent learners' work. You are the hunter, specially armed to fight and chase these beings out of the scientists' house.


As the name suggests, this map is still in it’s beta stages; meaning it still has a lot of problems that need resolution. If you found any bugs then feel free to tell me or report it to the issues tab.

This map is also available on:
Garry's Mods 
The Steam Workshop


Wolvin's Little Restaurant 
This map was the sole reason why I wanted to make this in the first place, and it also provided me with a lot of props and entities to work with such as doors, lights and props.

Additional lighting in places.

Minor props in the garage.
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