Dm_cargo_yard V.1.0

A Map for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

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Another More Detailed Map With ALOT of barrels for  explosions Obviously. There are only a few weapons on this map because for some reason I would spawn weapons in hammer and yet they won't spawn  in game when I compile the map. So If You Know How to fix this Please let me know how to fix it so v.2 would be better



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    Mate, this map results invalid (not loadable) because you used a wrong name: dm_cargo_yard.bsp.bsp. Remove one " .bsp " to get the map playable.  The weapons don't spawn in game because you put them partially inside the floor. Weapons, ammos, heathkits and so on MUST be placed a couple of units over the brush plane below. If you put these entities using the 3D view windows, they will be automatically positioned correctly.The same error is also present in the other two maps that you posted. The map is fullbright, because when you have a sky you must put a light_environment (only present in City map) and possibly you must set its parameters in tune with the used sky texture. Use this Valve viki page to set the light_environment: Obvoiusly these are your first maps, and you have a lot to learn about mapping. Use the valve viki page or the many tutorials on Youtube to learn the basic rules, not demoralize if the results will not be good right away, if you have passion, time and desire to learn, slowly your works will improve. Cheers.

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