God Forsaken [ II ]

A Map for Unreal Tournament 2004


  • I revisited this to work on getting the FPS higher. It now runs extremely smooth; And since optimizing went so well, I also told the engine to light all the surfaces with 4 times more detail. This made light casting, fading and hard edges of shadows crisper. - Massive new release coming soon. An evironment I've been working on for about 4 months now. The last couple months I've been devoting 62.5 hour weeks on average to getting it done. It will be my final project for UT2004. Over 5,000 shapes have been used to create this ->mothership<- so far. I'll be taking you to a moody place with quite a backstory.
Download Updated 2y
  • Fixed triggers that were functioning incorrectly
  • Added more triggered sounds and more polish
  • Managed to make the download 38mb smaller
Important Changes 2y
I'm including only one new image showing changes from the first release. For the same reason I don't like movie trailers spoiling the movie for me, I wouldnt want to get rid of the shock value when it's seen for the first time in game.

Refer to the page of my first release for the jist of it.

- There's a teleporter toward the right on the ledge in the screenshot. Some emitters go missing when taking screenshots in UT2004. Sometimes retaking it many times doesn't make it appear. It's there. (In case you were wondering why there was light there for no reason.)

It's hard to sum up everything that I've improved on since the first release. There's no no small fraction of the map that has gone untouched. I have added a massive amount of detail and optimized it enough that it should run well on low end machines. All sorts of fun tweaks and changes. Fine tuned and added lighting. There are secrets to be found and I've placed many jump boot pickups since it works so well with the layout, some of which aren't so easy to find. Enjoy. This one's finished.

Gameplay Tip: If you fall into a trap area, you can escape it through an opening in the wall. If you dodge fast enough to the end of the hallway you will be able to activate an event that will bomb everyone in the map that is near any of the 6 sky openings. You'll be teleported above the map into a glass box where you can watch it happen, enjoy the view of the skybox, regenerate health and be given the only link gun + an ion painter. After it's done you'll slide back down to the map. Everyone below is given an audible warning and has a 5 second chance to escape the bombing by getting to a teleporter. These are nearby no matter where you are. They take you to a small cage next to the glass box above where it's safe. But if many players go in to escape at once, it's a small area with a lot of people. Time your exit to the teleporter out from here and you can take revenge on the player that triggered the event by exiting onto the same slide down.
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