A Map for Unreal Tournament 2004


  • Too many to mention. Optimized - Jump boots - Much higher detail - Tweaks - Additions - Fine tuned and added lighting - Sounds - Triggers - Secrets

Head over to pick it up. http://gamebanana.com/maps/191457

Sequel Released! 2y
Please visit my page where this has been morphed into a heavily, heavily ironed out sequel with improvements in every category and extras as well, such as Jump-Boots, which aren't the least bit scarce but are very well hidden!

-   Fine Tuned Lighting

-   Enjoy More Frames Per Second

-   Added Detail

-   More Sounds

-   More Triggers

-   More Triggered Sounds

-   Fixed triggers calling upon each other incorrectly for the "secret special event"

-   Loads of brush work and borders

-   Nothing left untouched

-   Jump Boots

No screenshot spoilers for the sequel. I'm letting it first be experienced in-game. Rely on this page for an insight into the jist of the layout and theme. Thank you!

Find it Here! And please leave a good rating if you enjoyed yourself. I work very hard.


     This is a new layout created from the inspiration of what was known as DM-1on1-Alzonia.

-     Here's a story that I was inspired to write about it for some reason... (0.0)

     An underground fortress exposed to the volcanic sky sits desolate in distant dry-lands in an area forgotten and godforsaken through a bloody history of war and apocalypse. It first fell when inhabited by a 12th century religious civilization who had defied their gods in place of faith in a force of a darker kind.

     It had risen and fallen twice over, inhabited by desperate scavengers cast out by a 23rd century apocalypse; A time when the third world war had become something as accepted into peoples realities as peanut-butter sandwiches. Nations procrastinated for months, the end result. Up until the earth caught on fire it was childs play to avoid a cataclysmic detonation. A newly born faction reigned through decades. Operation second sun took form. The sun looked in a mirror at all out nuclear war. Survivors stumbled across a land barren, charred, and scarce. It was a trip from one hell to another.

     There remains only subtle signs of each.

     It resides empty with no eyes to see it.

-     I will be adding even more detail into the map soon. I want to add more borders and give some more attention to lighting.

-     For now, weaker computers will take a hit on their frames per second. I'll optimize as best I can in the sequel.

GAMEPLAY TIP: If you fall into a trap area with swinging maces and spikes, you can exit into the wall and rush down a hallway to a use button if you're quick enough. This will drop the floor beneath you and teleport you inside a glass box above the map. Here you will regenerate health and be able to watch everyone panic as they are warned about an incoming airstrike. In a matter of 5 seconds, everyone near the sky openings will be obliterated, accept for those that were smart enough to get to one of the many near-by orange teleporter spheres. These will teleport them to a small cage. From here you have the option to duke it out with everyone else that found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, or you can choose to fight your way to the one exit which will send you sliding your way back down to the map. If you time it right, you will be chasing down the player that set off the explosion down that very same slide.

-     And sorry to the ones who love to spam. The link gun is placed where it belongs. Access only by the person triggering the event as well as a nice little cherry on top.. the Ion Painter.

-     This was measured out very well for quad-jump. I would recommend it. You will have extra tactical mobility in some areas. Jump boots will be included in the sequel.

-     Enjoy! Feel free to comment.

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