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A Map for Team Fortress 2


Final 2mo
  • Addition Added HDR lighting and shadows
  • Addition Added a freerun button
  • Optimization Made more detail geometry func_detail
  • Optimization Added area portals at spawn and cave entrance
  • BugFix Fixed players blocking the picture frame
  • Improvement Improved lighting on picture frame
  • Improvement Improved lighting on obsidian collumns
  • BugFix Fixed sweeper not speeding up
  • Improvement Sweeper now uses func_rotating instead of func_door_rotating
  • Addition Added a second ambient_generic for win sound at the end
  • Tweak Mr Freeze sound effect is no longer global
  • Tweak Blizzard sound effect is no longer global
  • Feature All nether portals now have sound effects
  • Improvement Aligned textures properly on one of the nether portals
  • Improvement Fixed end area being off by 16 units
  • Adjustment Slightly increased the length of the two stone bridge traps near the end
  • Addition Added a freerun sign
  • Addition Added a freerun sound effect
  • Feature Music room will open upon freerun activation
  • Feature Music room teleport destination is changed on freerun
  • Improvement Improved lighting slightly in the cave area
  • Improvement Replaced unnecessary glass textures with invisible tool textures
  • Adjustment Changed some detail in spawn
  • Removal Removed the Apocalypse Now: The Final Cut poster
The double doors and vents are still enabled during freerun after gathering feedback. The round would be over way too quickly if they weren't (It also gives more time to listen to any music picked from the music room) All of the activated traps are disabled however.
Final Cut 1y BugFix Adjustment Addition4 Tweak Redux Beta 7 2y Addition2 Adjustment3 BugFix Improvement Feature Redux Beta 6a 2y BugFix2 Adjustment2 Redux Beta 6 2y Addition5 Adjustment3 Tweak2 BugFix2

A Minecraft themed map for TF2 deathrun.

I do recommend using this map on servers running a VSH based deathrun mode however I have made some changes to try and suit other servers a little better.

Here are the current main features:
  • 22 manually activated traps
  • 2 random choice doors (one is a pair of doors, the other is a pair of vents)
  • Background music that fits (Can be controlled using the music slider)
  • Six minigames & humiliations (Plus one secret minigame)
  • RED players will respawn for minigames/humiliation
  • Anti-afk and motivator
  • Now has a freerun button
There are also a few easter eggs but I have ensured they can not be abused to evade the motivator.


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  • What music did you use for the beginning of the nether area?
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  • MaxIsoy avatar
    MaxIsoy Joined 11mo ago
    11mo 11mo
    What is the music you used in the parkour minigame?
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  • I just wanted to know what that medic music is called so i thought i'd come here.
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  • Enjoyable and divergent Death Run map. The ways of shaming the death and the mini-games are both incredibly original. The music choice is great as well. Though I am curious to know, the theme that plays once someone enters the Nether, what is it?
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  • 2y 2y

    From the first time I've played this map it has definitely come a long way. Once a map which people disliked to a map which everyone nominates to play, Cream Tea has done well in bringing his old creation back to life.

    Tons and tons of changes have been made to give this map more enjoyability in which, from my opinion, has been successfully achieved. New easter-eggs; new humiliations; new minigames; new traps; revamped traps; the list goes on. Dr_Minefarm does justice in bringing flavour back to an old videogame in which many gamers have moved on from.

    Whilst this map may not be as flashy as others - the artstyle is definitely satisfactory and comfortable, to say the least. Of course, higher quality and timeless maps are out there E.G. Dr_Safety_First. However, taking this map from basic to enjoyable is an immense achievement for Cream Tea and a great experience for the players.

    Downsides for this map include: The lack of room the player may "feel" at times - the map includes many small areas which the player may not enjoy but not all is lost as larger and more open areas do exist and are always prominent throughout the whole of the map. Therefore, you're never kept in a small space for too long. But as a reminder to you, reading this, the perfect deathrun map doesn't exist and never will.

    If you're looking for a good tribute to the game we've all enjoyed - Dr_Minefarm should definitely be on your "To-Play" list. And of course, who knows what Cream Tea will keep adding/revamping to this map, in the future, to make it better? But for the time being:

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    More Love
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  • Sonasaki avatar
    Sonasaki Joined 6y ago
    428 points Ranked 49,334th
    A few bugs and you seem to be working on them but overall a great map haven't had fun in a Minecraft map in a while. 
    Black peo
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  • Cream Tea avatar
    Cream Tea Joined 5y ago
    736 points Ranked 44,106th
    Posted by Fiery_Inferno

    The theme's nice, Mind if you tell me what it is please?

    The theme that starts when the round starts is called The Butler Did It! - Henry Hatsworth O.S.T
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  • The theme's nice, Mind if you tell me what it is please?

    Mapper | Voxel Artist
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  • Cream Tea avatar
    Cream Tea Joined 5y ago
    736 points Ranked 44,106th
    Posted by AgentApple50

    Some of the bugs ive mentioned are not fixed in the final version :l
    I probably will make atleast one more version fixing everything you've mentioned, thing is I am working with this map from a custom VSH plugin point of  view. So I keep forgetting about scouts that can double jump etc.

    Would you know of what deathrun plugin apart from VSH people use a lot? Then I would be able to work with compatibility a bit more.

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  • AgentApple50 avatar
    AgentApple50 Joined 5y ago
    1,331 points Ranked 23,255th
    Some of the bugs ive mentioned are not fixed in the final version :l
    Deathrun God
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Cream Tea


Cream Tea avatar
Cream Tea Joined 5y ago
736 points Ranked 44,106th
Cream Tea
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