A Map for Killing Floor 2

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More spawns!
  • Added more customization points/spawn points to allow for up to 12 players
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Added customization room
  • Added a customization room to the map. This is the room where you select your character and customize them. Before actually playing the map.
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Map Features: 

Meticulously placed AI pathing 

Balanced AI spawns (To give the campers a little challenge) 

Fully pathed trader marker!! 

Couple of offices to hold up in.. If that's your thing 

A few neat decorations! NEAT 

Tweaked UV, Collision and Blood Spatter meshes 


I recommend that you play on Hard difficulty or above due to map size and ability to camp. 

Let me know if you have found any bugs or if you have an awesome idea or tweak that I can add to the map. I will be updating in the future with more areas and decorations. I was aiming at making this a ZED slaughtering map while still maintaining the level of difficulty needed to still be challenging. 

Subscribe to the map! Send me some map ideas! Enjoy! Thank you so much, -ogHypnos 

As far as some alignment with railings and things like that I am not too worried about it at this moment. I work on the map every day so little things like that will be polished when I decide to update the map. No need to report them as bugs unless they are severe or game breaking.  


Update as of 9:45pm CST 7/2/2016 

- Fixed mesh alignment issues on second floor ZED spawns 
- Fixed issue with water in spawn room (Works with my tests perfectly) 
- Fixed AI pathing issue where ZEDS would climb over railing and fall getting to player up stairs 

Update as of 12:53am CST 7/3/2016 

- Did a lot of work on the static meshes 

> Combined a lot of the static meshes so that blood spray would be mostly combined instead of cut off by borders of some of the static mesh tiles. This will help make everything regarding blood and gore look more natural. 

> Changed all the static mesh UV's around to help with the combination of the meshes. 

> Changed collision meshes on the combined static meshes to help a bit with performance. 

- Aligned some other various assets that I found unappealing 

- Fixed some gaps in my meshes 

Update as of 1:26am CST 7/3/2016 (About 9 hours of work today on the map lol) 

- Configured every blood spatter mapping in the map (This means there will not be any gigantic blood pools or spatter on the walls due to big combined mesh sizes) 

... Basically this is something you won't notice lol 

Update as of 3:31pm CST 7/3/2016 

- Added more decorations to map basically 

- Added ambient sound! YAY 

- Fixed some collision with railings (You can no longer jump over railings and take insane damage accidentally) 

- Changed up ZED spawns and spawn rooms (So you can't see ZEDS spawning as much. Also can't enter 2nd floor spawns anymore)

Update as of 12:08pm CST 7/4/2016

- Tweaked spawns even further to give a balanced spawn from 2nd and 3rd floors

- Added barricade to top floor spawn as a lot of players were trying to enter while running from bosses and dying

Update as of 11:24am CST 7/7/2016

- Added spawns to front side of map on third floor inside office (Makes it more challenging as ZEDS would just come at you from the front without having to worry about your back)

Update as of 12:30am CST 7/12/2016

- Added customization room (With custom music)

- Tweaked railing collision so you don't get stuck anymore

- Further tweaked AI spawning

Update as of 10:47am 7/13/2016

- Messed with volumes a bit so you don't blow out your ears



Add more detail and decoration.


None found


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