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Resistance is futile...

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 This is a killbox map, textures and models are taken from the valve's Portal.
-companion cubes
-19 spawn points
-modular map design

Place dm_killbox_portal_bwo.bsp into directory hl2mp/maps



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     Thank you for the feedback.

    I just wanted to keep the portal textures original, but i made some performance patch on them. I removed the normal maps/ shaders.

     This map was a small project, just a killbox map so I didn't made a tag, only in the name that bwo is my three letters sign. Well, people don't know it but never mind. :D

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    A nice killbox, classic but embellished by textures and models from Portal. Personally I'd have used a pneumatic sound for the lifts, in tune with their telescopic columns, and I'd have added a metal or rubber ring where they go through the grates, for a better look. Maybe a slightly different color of the floor, now very similar to the walls, would make the final effect less monotonous, and placing the light props in the upper balcony a little higher, would allow a better flow, because now the player stops against them. But are just details, not so important, talking about a killbox map. BTW... why don't you use a custom decal or a game_text to inform you made the map? It's a good thing to know who made the map on which you are playing ;) Anyway... a good work, keep it up!  Cheers.
    fair-player and mapper


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Member Joined 4y
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