dom-crimson skies

A Map for Unreal Tournament 2003

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Title : DOM-CrimsonSkies Version : Version 1.0 Release Date : 19 May 2003 Filename : Author : Roger "NachoUK" Watkins Email Address : Description : Brand new DOM map for ut2003. Dom points are split between outdoor and indoor, although the majority of the map is still outdoor. Makes for some interesting strategies. **PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE DE BONUS PACK AND THE EPIC BONUS PACK INSTALLED, SINCE THIS MAP MAKES USE OF SEVERAL FILES INCLUDED WITHIN THEM** ================================================================ --- Play Information --- Game : Unreal Tournament 2003 + EPIC Bonus Pack + DE Bonus Pack. Level Name : Crimson Skies New Sounds : No New Static Meshes : Yes - only collision for the trees though, nothing exciting. New Graphics : Yes - a couple of things. Most notably the water cubemap/shader and the tree shadows (projectors) are done with my own textures. New Music: : No - The file size is big enough as it is, and I'm no musician either :p Known bugs : - Although bots will quite happily go up to the sniping area to pick up the Lightning gun, they are very reluctant to snipe. - There are no other bugs that I am aware of. --- Construction --- Editor(s) used : UnrealED 3.0, Adobe Photoshop. Base : Started from scratch. Construction Time : Hate to think. Over 2 weeks almost solid work (learning experience) and probably 2-3 more of on and off work. Installation ------------ Unzip the DOM-CrimsonSkies.ut2 file to your UT2003/Maps folder. Everything is contained in the map file, no worries. Copyright / Permissions ----------------------- This level is copyrighted by Roger Watkins, 2003. Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels, I can't see why you'd want to anyway. If you want to use my custom projectors or collision altered static meshes then just gimme an email, but i'd have to advise that you do them yourself, it's very easy :) If you wish to commercially exploit this level, ie sticking it on a CD ROM and then selling it then you must get my permisson beforehand... and offer me a nice cut should you make any money off of it... j/k. Level Info: ---------- I noticed the rediculous shortage of good Domination maps for UT2k3 (although there are some good ones starting to filter through now) so I decided that my first map for UT2k3 would be a DOM one. Since Domination is best suited to outdoors (I think anyway) that is what I decided on for this map. In an ideal world, I would have made the indoor area slightly larger, and the outdoor area slightly smaller, but in the end I think the map plays pretty well as it is. There are a variety of strategies to use on this map. The indoor point is pretty easy to defend, although you'll notice a lack of health, and a need to venture outside in order to collect better weapons than the biorifle (argh, blasphemy, the goo gun rocks!) For the outdoor point, you'll find it a lot harder to defend due to snipers and open play, but there's also more health, nice weapons, plenty of ammo and a shield to compensate. There are plenty of routes to get to the points, and there are a few surprises along the way. Have fun finding the Udamage and Keg... Hope you enjoy this map as much as I enjoyed making it...for the first 100 hours of editing anyway, lol. Ps - Even if you have a slower PC, I recommend running the map in high detail just ONCE to enjoy all the high detail splendour :) Level editing history: ---------------------- Not a lot to speak of. I made 2 maps for UT, and only one I released, the other never got finished due to massive problems and lack of time. Still, I have a little experience with the editor and it didn't take me long to get used to UnrealED 3. This is my first map for UT2003, and IMO it's not too shabby :) Thanks for Testing and Support to: ----------------------------------- Ejen34 Capt_13M dethmanrulz Yournan2000 mrpartyhat Darktyco Teddie KillBait Thanks for the feedback and compliments guys :) Special Thanks to: ----------------------------------- The following tutorial/ut2003 sites: - excellent tutorials. - for a brillaint water tutorial. - again, some excellent tutorials. - some complicated, but official and thorough tutorials. Finally to Epic for making such a brilliant game, and supporting it so damn well too. Keep up the good work guys! ---------------------- Unreal Tournament 2003 (c)2002 Epic Games Inc. All Rights Reserved. Unreal Tournament and the Unreal Tournament logo are registered trademarks of Epic Games Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.



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    Good again!


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    jockin' on your bitch ass
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    Great outdoor lighting. That is one of my favorite things in a map is if they can do outdoor lighting. 10/10


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    learn where I get the name, th


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