Tiny Town

A Map for Killing Floor 2

Unleash your inner Godzilla in this tiny town!

We all knew that Horzine was experimenting with gene technology. We all knew they were making horrible mutations that they had no control over.

And we also learned that they were experimenting with molecular resizing, as we saw such incidents at Rats manor, Groove Yard and other locales where both survivors and zeds had been shrunk down to miniature size.

What had remained a dark secret, until now, was that the crazy technicians at Horzine had a top secret project called MEGA ZEDS. Instead of shrinking their monsters down, they enlarged them to be the size of a house!

How do you control a 200-ton fleshpound, you ask? You don't. The project went haywire and the super sized zeds went on a city-wide rampage in the idyllic Tinsel Town. The only way to contain the situation was to enlarge a group of survivors to go in an clean up the mess.

 Just try not to level the entire city, will you?
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Development Info

Despite everything being tiny, the city is big. Scaling everything down by 150% quickly made me realize that I could not simply create a small section of a city, as the play area would be horribly small with no where to move around.  

When you are three times the size of a regular human, there's really not a lot of places you can't go. Blocking off parts of the map you don't want your players to go to is easy when working at normal scaling. But at tiny scale it makes no sense that a 20 foot survivor cannot walk over a barricaded street or tall wall.

I quickly realized I would need to create an entire city. Not just parts of it. Nope, the entire damn thing.

To get things rolling I started creating a modular system for entire houses and road sections, allowing me to build the city much more effectively. The downside to this is that it has bloated up the file size to nearly 400 MB, for which I apologize but the project would have been inhuman to make without this system.


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