A Map for Counter-Strike 2D

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Hi guys! This is my first upload here... Anyway, buddy of mine sugested to me that i register on gamebanana and upload my maps here (since on usgn i dont get enough attention even tough i put time and effort in my maps)... And i like to create campaign/single player/coop maps for cs2d and this is one of them - its my latest map so it include my best knowledge inside (including some trigger_if, so be sure to play map acordingly). 

Here is story of map : "You are goverment officer in charge of enviroment, and lately one illegal research facility have been producing huge amount of toxic waste and there has been some rumor about work with nuclear materials which are prohibitet for private companies, so you have been sent to investigate this, and posibly to shut down whole facility...Needless to say everything went to sh*t, now your job is simply to survive through all this charade, good luck!"

I personaly think map is awesome (tough screenshots kinda sux, but i dont want to spoil some things so i chose not so great ones) and worthy of playing with you and your buddies... Id recommend to be played alone, then later when you see all awesome stuff, play with friends, its because when you play with multiple people they trigger some stuff and then some weird situations might happen (like sudden explosions, alien occuring from nowhere and sudden invisible walls appear and might kill you)..

Anyway i hope you like it, leave a feedback, and ofcourse enjoy the map!



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