DM-Lego-GardenOfStone : Gold Edition

A Map for Unreal Tournament 2004

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Final Release : Gold Edition : LegoGarden of Stone
  • Supports all game-types. (not just round based elimination.) Weapon and pickup spawns.
  • All sections now contain a more even amount of detail, collectively. No areas stand out as being too blank in comparison.
  • Provided another pathway. Use it to sneak through for an ambush.
  • Quality of lighting is 4x crisper.
  • Play the new jump boots to your advantage. They're in the center of the map.
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Replaced download file.
  • I was new to the site when I uploaded this. Now that I know I can edit the download, you can disregard previous updates. Those changes are now in the download on this site. Whupps! Noobanana..
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-  Previous releases were exclusively for these game-types.

  • Team Arena Master
  • Arena Master
  • Freon

 -     Screen-Shots have been updated to show changes in this Final version.

What's in this release?

  • This version was created in order to bring each section more-so to a place of an even amount of detail, collectively, and to provide a version that offers support for all game-types, rather than the round-based game-types that it was restricted to in previous releases.
  • In addition to detail and pickups, lighting has been brought up to a crisper quality.
  • Yet another pathway option is given. Use it for a sneaky ambush.
  • This final version also contains jump boots that are chosen to spawn randomly in the center of the map. This pickup base has an equal chance of spawning different things.
  • Aside from all that, careful getting that Double Damage.


                                                           Have Fun



  • 2y
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    Absolutely. The most active server I go to is SoL Freon. (Slice of Life clan). It has a minimum of 20 players every night. Weekends are packed and people stay until anywhere between 2 and 4 in the morning.

    Come by!

    Edited this message to say, since then, without any bias... I've put up my own server. It's the result of hundreds of hours of work put into configuring together 25 polished gametypes. This is a place aimed at variety! We can bring back the greatness of the early days!

    Check out Unreal Revolution. It's actually even entertaining with bots.
    Rid the repitition: Server IP:
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    Happy to see there still people on this cool game ! 


    I dunno, wtf


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Level Designer


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Member Joined 2y
503 points Ranked 8853rd

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