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A Map for Team Fortress 2

Basically a VSH map that was made for -=II=- (Isolated-Imperial) and now for RB Servers and I have decided to release it to the public. Thanks for all the support. Comment on feedback thanks.

This is my first public upload of a map and public release of a map.


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  • 4y
    Thank you for your feedback, Sadly Toasty and I have actually stopped developing this map so if anyone wants to take over the project, go ahead.

    I am currently doing SourceMod developing and Jailbreak Map Making. If you think I should make another map for VSH then that would be great.
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    Hey Riotline/Toasty,

    Played your map on the OPST server with ~16 people, and put some thought into what I think about the map, and what I think could be done to make it even better.

    First things first, gameplay is SOLID, I found myself satisfied with the placement of health and ammo as intuitive, and was presently surprised with the variety of situational props.

    Areas to rain fire down on hale, check
    sniping spots , check
    engie camping spots with metal, check
    platforming areas where its possible to juke hale, check

    In any case, I don't think the map is missing anything, the biggest issue is the aesthetic.

    The map is fullbright, which gives it an amateur-ish feel. A feeling large enough to overshadow its well-balanced gameplay. Although most people say they won't care about looks over substance, a lot of people play certain VSH maps only because they are balanced, but because they are pretty (In some cases, overplayed maps are pretty and little else).

    Having shading or different lighting would go a long way toward making the map feel like... a map rather than an in-progress work

    Other less minor issues, hale players are claustrophobic, open places like the spawn are good, tight corridors like the one near the CP are bad (Nobody went near the the cp during the maptime). Enclosing areas will typically make players avoid them as much as possible, I recommend opening as much of the tower up to the sky as possible (and also expanding it to ~2 player width passages).

    Only other complaint, on servers where hale can superjump as soon as he spawns, the hale spawn distance means he can instantly superjump into one of the spawns, getting a good chance to kill 1/2 the mercs.

    Recommended fix: create a gate/door that delay opens (spawn in the cp tower with a door) or put an obstruction between hale and the players (Hale spawns underwater and has to swim up while players spread out).

    Thanks for the map, looking forward to seeing it improve more if you're interested in still updating it.

    Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici
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