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A Map for Team Fortress 2

vsh_factoryhell_v2 - A remake of the original vsh_factoryhell


Bigger skybox!

2 New spawn areas!

Banana peels!

A working control point!

Overall Expanded Area!

Re-vamped Factory!

Breakable Glass!

What more do you want?

Drop the .bsp right in your downloads/map folder and you should be good to go!



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  • Hi5TBone avatar
    Hi5TBone Joined 5y ago
    245 points Ranked 55,180th
    5y 2y
    Thanks for the feedback! Maybe I'll hop on the server sometime and ask for more opinions.

    As for the alternate spawn, I figured it was balanced since, like the original spawn, the hale can access it easily by quickly superjumping over and it has 2 exits.

    The factory was designed for Sentry Nests, as from my experience, it's hard setting up a nest in the main courtyard while everyone is fighting.

    Believe it or not, the lighting was actually tweaked in most places of the map. Yeah, it's a pain. But still, I (personally) see a difference from the original map.

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  • FlipFTW avatar
    FlipFTW Joined 5y ago
    391 points Ranked 49,286th
    Edit1: Played on the TF2Data server with ~28 players, and new and old players both seemed to be enjoying themselves. Bringing up the skybox really is the long awaited change for this map, although a mantread solider can still hit the roof with a good jump, IMO this is a good balance, whether intended or not :P

    Alternate spawn is a bit annoying as running out the first door can get you killed instantly at the start of the round if the hale camps that door (And he can arrive there before you :s). I would advocate the original spawns. Also the "factory" part that is mostly ignored still seems to be a region that players are not too keen to fight in, in its current state it is a bit to cluttered (People scared to fight in there because hale has so many props to hide behind).

    Map is still a bit dark, I'd like to see it brightened a bit without losing the aesthetic (vague request, I know.)

    Original Post:

    Nicely done, as an avid VSH player, I had to leave a comment showing my gratitude for this map remake.

    vsh_factoryhell was always a map that was ok but could be better with a few frustratingly simple changes, I'm looking forward to seeing how the higher skybox and changes to factory area will pan out

    Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici
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Hi5TBone Joined 5y ago
245 points Ranked 55,180th
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Hi5TBone avatar
Hi5TBone Joined 5y ago
245 points Ranked 55,180th
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