A Map for Half-Life: Opposing Force

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Hello, this is my first map for Half Life Opposing Force

This is a square map. It looks like another common deathmatch map, grab a weapon, kill any people who gets in your way, etc. But wait a moment, this map is very unique, different than others.

But what is the difference of this map? Of course, I will tell you

1. This map has all weapons, including "Penguins" too. But unlike another map which you can remember a place of weapon, try to get it first, etc. Hahaha, in this map, you will get a weapon RANDOMLY, no matter you like it or not. When respawn, you will start with an empty hand, so you will start with one weapon only. This is just a matter of luck. If you are luckily, you will get a powerful weapon such a Gluon Gun, Ion Cannon, Crossbow, etc. But if you are unlucky, may you will get a bad weapon such Crowbar, Pipewrench, Knife, pistol, etc. For addition, you can kill your opponent to get his/her weapon.

2. Have you ever played CTF Mode? If yes, you will be familiar with this. Why? Because this map has a five Powerups from CTF mode. The powerups are :

- Accelerator (Red Skull) to increase damage

- Jumpack (Orange Jump pack) to make you can do high jump

- Regeneration (Green Angel) to regenerate your health per second until your HP reach 150

- Portablehev (Blue Shield), same function as Regeneration, but this is for your Armor

- Backpack (Yellow Ammo), same function as Regeneration, but this is for your Ammo (This Powerup will regenerate ammo per second except AR Grenades for 10 seconds, and does not regenerate Satchel, Tripmine, and Snark)

3. Have you ever playing singleplayer mode? Did you know if some of the Aliens / Hostile could be added to multiplayer maps? If not, then you should try this. This map has some monster from Adventure mode. Their purpose of course to get rid of players ^_^

Well, sorry if my English are so bad. But I hope you will understand and will play this map :)



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    I'm glad you like it :D

    Yes, because this map use "random weapon" system, so we are need not only high skill but also high luck. The main problem is if you are high skilled player but you are unlucky, while your opponent are noob but have a high luck, don't be surprised if your score are on bottom position.

    As for this map itself, I know this map is far from being a "good textured map", it looks weird because it just a grassland with 4 high dirt and some hostile units (even for Armor machine are too big) but I hope it wouldn't ruin the gameplay.

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    Ring-A-Ding Rampage
    Great concept - assigning random weapons to every player.

    The mapping though, could be improved further.

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    Sleep is for the weak.


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