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Map, based on first maps of original BLOOD game

This map is tribute to Monolith Company and best shooter ever "BLOOD". I tried to keep the spirit of the 90s graphics but make this map playable and interesting for modern gamers)))



  • 1y
    I hate to say it, but this map is a turd in disguise.

    It really feels cruel to say it, as you clearly put effort into it, but its the truth. While the map looks absolutely great(the retro textures work surprisingly well, and sets the mood BRILLIANTLY), and the basic idea for the objectives is great, the actual gameplay and balance is where it falls apart massively.

    It is super survivor sided, despite having reasonable weapon spawns. Why? Because the layout is just CRUEL for zombie players. Its not fun to endlessly rush at survivors down long hallways or drop into large open areas to rush at survivors for the entire map. Zombies need to be able to ambush survivors so they can grow their numbers BEFORE having such an area.

    Its also super easy to camp multiple spawns for survivors, meaning zombies generally just grind and feel like they're being tortured instead of playing a game.

    This map could work, but it needs its layout and spawns redesigned drastically. Cut down on the length of several hallways, or add more curves/corners to let zombies ambush. Save larger open areas for later on in the map. Improve spawns so its harder to spawn camp.

    Like I said on the belgorod, this is far from the worst map I played, and I REALLY want you to learn and improve, since you got superb potential as a mapper. But as it is now, this map is just not acceptable.

    My apologies if you're English is not very good and you have difficulty understanding this review, but I just had to share my thoughts on it. I do understand it was made to be an nearly exact remake of the map from blood, but with tweaks it would play drastically better for ZPS.

    If you want, I can re-type this using google translate, but i know its bound to look like shit, because google translate.




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