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gzm_raid v4 | The Light Update (Final Build)
  • Fixed glitchy walls around the map
  • Fixed Barrels
  • Removed lots of unneeded light sources
  • Increased size of buy area at T Spawn
  • Added frames to the windows
  • Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?7pk1z7yfvute7d1
gzm_raid Full Version
  • - Fixed Glitchy Walls at T spawn0
  • - Fixed Glitchy Walls at Bathroom
  • - Added New Vent Section
  • - Added 2 New Rooms
  • Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?t3hvifbwj7ghol0

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?t3hvifbwj7ghol0


A small office complex, try to rescue the hostages as counter-terrorist, or defend as a terrorist!

An office complex that includes:

Air Vents





It is a hostage rescue mission! You must rescue the hostages quickly as a counter-terrorist, and as a terrorist, you must defend the hostages, keep them in your spawn at all times!

NOTE: The nav mesh included with the map has some faults, so I recommend you generate your own in game.

You can do this by:
Opening the console up in the map, and typing in 'sv_cheats 1', then hit enter. After that, type 'nav_generate' then a new nav mesh will be generated and the server will restart with the new mesh.


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  • 8mo
    A new update after a long time of nothingness, haha. The main feature is light fixes.
    Universal King
  • 2y
    New Update today, hope everyone enjoys it!


    Universal King
  • 2y

    Thanks for the support! Over the past week or so I've been working on a new build of the map which should be released today or tomorrow! I fixed a lot of things, and added some new stuff too! So lookout for the new version!

    Universal King
  • 2y
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    I played this about 20 minutes and here's my review.


    When I first launched the map it gave me the impression of a hotel or something, due to the sofas and the TV in the reception. Moving to the T side it kind of changes because there's mostly offices, so I don't get a clear picture of what the presentation of the map is. There's also a small storage room that makes me wonder, although I know it is mostly there for exploration. This can be an advantage if you plan on releasing a second version of it, because it will allow you to develop it even further.

    Aside from the theme of the map I would say that you did a good job using lots of models. They really help make the map look more realistic. That being said, I noticed a couple of things which I think are worth mentioning in order to make the map look and play better.

    It seems like you added a lot of light models and light entities which aren't necessary, I would say that you overdid it, especially in CT spawn. Meanwhile there are some areas that have the correct amount of light entities but no models. Here and here (by the way you should align the textures in the vents a little better).

    Another thing that I noticed is that the light goes through the models. There are two ways to fix this

    1. Change the model entity to prop_static. That way your model will cast a shadow when the light is below. In-game screenshot of how it looks like.

    1. Or you can use a light_spot entity instead of a light entity. This one looks more realistic and darker so you'll have to tweak it a little bit to make it brighter. Here's how it looks like in default settings. In-game Screenshot. You don't have to worry if you've never used it. The cool thing with source hammer is that it actually shows you where the light is going.

    There's also a bug in the middle section with a wall. You extended the wall from the other side a little more than it should be and it goes through the door when I open it. See screenshot. In case you don't understand the 1st screenie here's another one with the door opened opposite - screenie.

    And last but not least - there are no entrances to this mysterious building! Consider adding an entrance next to each spawn room so we know how we came in the building.


    Alright, this is my favorite part in this map. Though the layout is small and fast paced for a hostage map, it's pretty damn fun. I gave the map a try with bots using your .nav and it works great. Usually in a typical hostage map people would have to waste too much time for a round, either because the way to the hostages is too long (see cs_siege/cs_militia) or because a CT camps (see roofs of cs_assault) while in this one people can get killed fast. But most importantly - it's balanced. There's also a part that made me laugh in the toilet room. If someone's camping (or taking poop) in the toilet you can see them if you look at the broken mirror. By the way I don't think I've seen anything like this in a custom CSS map. Good job, it was very original and smart.

    A small bug that I found is that I had a hard time bringing the hostages through the middle door. Yup, it's the door I also mentioned in the first part. I think you should fix it because it doesn't only affect the look of the map but also the gameplay.

    Final thoughts

    If I had fun playing this with bots then it will definitely be even better with real players. However I personally think that you should work further on this map, it will be worth it. Other than that it's great for your first cs source map.


    aaabdurazak! avatar


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* GodzillaMnky257 *
Map Maker, behind the structure of map.
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