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A Map for Killing Floor 2

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“ "I enjoyed the ambiance of this map quite a bit. The map game play is pretty cool and has some variation. It sort of jars the senses which it is supposed to do. I get the impression that it is supposed to be hallucinogenic in nature." - Adam Hatch (Lead level Designer, Tripwire Interactive)
"We loved playing through this trippy map,and its various themed zones. Its great to see someone take a more abstract approach to mapping and the inspiration taken from Escher really makes this map stand out. It reminds us a lot of the Nipper maps from CS 1.6!" - GameBanana ”


Update 3.0 4y
  • - Removed the display case blocking volume in the fire/orange room.
  • - Fixed various blocking volumes to block as intended.
  • - Tweaked certain small ledges and jutting models to not allow players to stand on them.
  • - Weapon cache walls should work as intended. General damage won't break them, specific types will.
  • - Object/hallway change events should now work in online multiplayer games.

I'll be focusing on aesthetic details from here on out, stuff that wouldn't have affected gameplay originally (like paper clutter or random junk lying around).  Of course if anything pops up that needs to be fixed then it will be fixed.  I'll deem this as beta at this point.

Update 2.2 (quickie) 4y Update 2.1 (quickie) 4y Update 2 4y

A surrealistic hell with plenty of destruction to be had.

My first attempt at using anything with UDK, though I do have experience with Source mapping. This is also my entry into the Killing Floor 2 mapping contest. If you are having difficulty downloading then use the tiny dropbox link down near that DOWNLOAD button.

It's worth noting the trader arrow is still a little finicky. Fixing it as far as I know would've meant altering enemy spawns/pathing.

Somewhat of a small-to-mid sized map with almost every room coated in invisible destructible objects as well as an attempt at a hidden armor/weapon cache. Most rails and objects can be jumped up upon/over except if it could break the enemy pathing.

STORY: Was Killing Floor really about story in the first place? Fiiine... something something testing facility or drug trip? Zeds. Shoot the zeds, they want to kill you.

FEATURES: Destruction: Almost every wall, floor, and ceiling has some sort of invisible destructible. From bleeding ceilings to setting a place on fire. Don't make too much of a mess... unless you like that.

Lighting: Part of the destruction, almost every light is able to be destroyed. A couple exceptions to this are actually certain windows that can be smashed to produce more light.

Hidden Weapon & Armor Pickups/Risky Armor Pickup: If you are observant, you'll figure out where the hidden caches are. There is also an armor pickup that players can grab and deal with the 60-ish damage jump down to grab it.

Changing Surroundings: "I could've sworn that hallway wasn't covered in pulsating pustules a second ago..." Various Line-of-Sight events have been placed in the map that will alter objects and areas when they aren't being looked at and when no players are around/inside.

Escher!: Okay, maybe it isn't as prevalent in the map (could certainly be too confusing), but hey, the player customization spot is all for it and even a few zeds here and there.

This is certainly the kick I needed to try out a UDK editor and I would love to use the editor more for future maps (though not leave Source behind). I hope to hear the feedback for the map and I will update/tweak the map as needed once the Killing Floor 2 contest is concluded! Oh, and don't think too deep into the logic of the map, I know I didn't.

Quite a bit of my inspiration stems from my love of the surreal hell type of designs you can see in Silent Hill or Doom.


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Showdonn Joined 4y ago
154 points Ranked 59925th
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