A Map for Unreal Tournament 2004

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A lovely house for an invasion.

--------------------------------------------- DM-Toys-Story-DC v1.0 2015-03-17 Edit for [Disastrous Consequences]( "Disastrous Consequences") by Jefe. The original version, made by Stuart "Combitz" Buck, was quite popular on the DC server, but the map was a bit on the ugly side. It also had severe collision problems with vehicles. The revamp increases its playability for invasion and greatly improves to look of the map. --------------------------------------------- Changes: Zoned the map. Got rid of the uglier meshes and textures, like the tv with the weirdly distorted woman and the static backdrop of a street behind the window. Many of the original textures had lots of ugly black lines, smudges and glare on them. I replaced or edited the majority of them. All of the appliances textures were redone. Brand new fireplace too. Set up shaders for surfaces that should be shiny, like glass, metal, tiles, floors etc. Lighting completely redone. If you edit this map yourself or for another server, please rebuild in RGBA mode for better results. The default DXT3 mode will leave ugly multi-colored artifacts, especially noticeable on light surfaces. Jump pads moved around or added for better navigation. Turned collision off on small meshes, like wires and the guards on the stove. Replaced the 100-something vials and 20 or so health packs with a much smaller number of gum packs (25 hp, super heal like vials.) I also made a new, higher resolution texture for the gum. Added adren in the form of lollipops (15 adren.) (Map had no adrenaline pickups.) Posts on the banisters were spread out farther, and another slot track added to make the walkable surface wider. Music track set, and music switches set up in the wall (press E to activate.) Two of the tracks are included in the zip. I used assets from the following: DM-TDB-CartwrightHall DM-shok-ChildsPlay (Candy pickups) DM-CountryKitchen ONS-SPAC-Countertop other websites My other maps and map edits



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