A Map for No More Room in Hell


  • On-screen warning message when player touches level clip, reduce invisible-wall awkwardness
  • Assassin zombies are made tougher
  • Score award system added
  • Thermal drain cost rises to 1.5c/s and initializing cost down to 17c
  • Boulder now has 10000hp and its mass is doubled
  • Mines are made more powerful

For those servers which are experiencing bugs including but not limited to: - Players glitch through the aircraft's floor when the aircraft takes off. - Level fails before the aircraft takes off. MAKE SURE your server isn't running the plugins that produce massive amount of entity traffics. Since my map has already pushed the entity limit to a risky level, if server plugins keep spawning more entities, there is no guarantee what bugs will be encounter.

Beta1 4y
  • -Most of complicated brush works are converted into models. Don't know how much it helps with the fps, but certainly those models' lighting are way better than they were brushes.
  • Aircraft's weight limit removed (THEORETICALLY It should be able to lift more than one player, still need testing in multiplayer game)
  • Aircraft's gate won't kill you when u r not standing in its way (meaning u shouldn't stand beneath when it descends or stand above when it folds)
  • Boss's health reduced to 30,000, from 40,000 (for those who didn't know previously)
  • Crystal piece's spawn point fixed
  • Crystal blocks become non-solid
  • Falling rock' health changed to 2000
  • Reduce shake intensity for turrets
  • Sacrifice award lower to 50 crystals
  • Selling respawn tokens to the Sacrifice for crystals is no longer possible. You won't respawn until the mid-level spawn, or the next game.
  • Suppressor's power increased
  • Energy variant's power increased
  • Minigun's power increased
  • Pulsegun's power increased, but still need two shots to take down one zombie.
  • Some prices go up due to economic inflation
  • Changed battery company, current one provides batteries of better quality. So floor lamps last longer with these batteries.
  • Player can no longer crouch upon the boss's head whilst the others cooking it with laser
  • Deploy system for controllables changed to drop-deploy, no more button-clicking
  • Stimulus side effect removed, positive effect stays longer. Cool down time prolonged.
  • Mid-level spawn points added
  • Thermal variant's drain cost reduced to 1c/sec, activation cost up to 23c
  • Added assassin zombie, because why not, more people die -> more fun.
  • A watermelon-related easter egg.
  • Corrected a typo
  • Some other no-one-cares changes
version2 4y
This is just an ALPHA version. A lot of things in this map need to be improved, so do not expect too much from it. Any glitch report, difficulty suggestion,complaint about item price being too high/low, military language suggestion, optimization suggestion and so on will be welcomed. Let me know your thinking about this map. I will put the suggestions on my list and do my best to enhance the map accordingly. Hope you enjoy what this map has so far. Important notes: - Do not change the gravity setting (default value: 800) - Enable color correction setting - Run this map in vanilla settings, avoid gun menu script that gives player thermal weapon (Flare gun, molotov) **Item wiki:** You will be given a weapon case when you buy a player-controlled turret. You can put the case everywhere you want. To deploy the weapon, simply crouch and press E to the handle of the case(dont jump onto it to do that if you don't want to get stuck) then a gun turret will come out. To use the gun, press E to the gun handle. When you get an auto turret, drop it where you want to deploy it. After 3 seconds it will be automatically deployed (glowing green). To suspend its function, press E to it and you will see it glowing blue. To pick up again, press E while it's in suspension state (so if it's deployed, press E twice). _Railgun_ (Controlled by player) Not sure if it's player-friendly. It is supposed to be, but I killed myself with it once. Price: 28 crystals Rate of fire: 0.25/sec Damage: huge How it works: bullet travels ignoring all obstacles. Range: long Ammo type: "Ammo" _Minigun_ (Controlled by player) Totally NOT PLAYER-FRIENDLY. It deals severe damage to players. Price: 56 crystals Rate of fire: 20/sec Damage: high How it works: generates cone of fire Range: medium Ammo type: "Ammo" _Pulsegun_ (Controlled by player) Minor damage when bullet directly hits player. Price: 45crystals Rate of fire: 3/sec Damage: medium How it works: splash damage per bullet Range: long(bullet) medium(bullet blast) Ammo type: "Core" _Lasergun_ (Controlled by player) Although I made a protection mechanism to halt the laser when the laser touches player, it still does a great damage in a few frames before it stops. Price: 33 crystals Rate of fire: 10/sec(normal); 50/sec(powerup) Damage: medium(normal); huge(powerup) How it works: generates a small beam(Normal); a thicker beam(Powerup), hold down secondary-attack key to activate Range: long Ammo type: "Core" _Stimulus_ 2x mobility in 10 seconds and side effect for another 10 sec. Price: 3 crystals _Suppressor_ (Automatic turret) (amount available: 5) Player-friendly. Price: 20 crystals Rate of fire: 0.3/sec Damage: small How it works: emits pulse to damage and stun zombies nearby Range: small Ammo type: "Core" _Wormhole_ (Automatic turret) Player-friendly. Price: 39 crystals Rate of fire: N/A Damage: N/A How it works: disintegrates all zombies within its radius Range: small Ammo type: "Core" _Mine_ (amount available: 10) Player-friendly. Price: 2 crystals Damage: huge How it works: explodes when a zombie walks onto it Range: tiny **Tower variation wiki:** _Energy_ Player-friendly. Damages zombies slowly but has a large effective range Start-up cost: 11 crystals Drain rate: 1 crystal/sec Damage: small Radius: large _Medic_ Heals players nearby (1hp-2hp/sec) . Start-up cost: 6 Drain rate: 1 crystals/sec Radius: medium _Thermal_ Ignites zombies nearby. Start-up cost: 16 crystals Drains rate: 2 crystals/sec Radius: small _Night vision_ Makes entire map bright enough to navigate. Start-up cost: 8 crystals Drains rate: 0.5 crystal/sec Radius: full coverage **Misc** Collect crystals and bring to the tower to gain crystals. To buy a weapon, walks to the tower and you will see an item name appearing on your screen. To switch to the next/previous item name, turn your face a little to the left/right and press the "next"/"previous". To buy, click the item name by pressing E. To load ammo for turret, grab specified ammo type and push it to the turret. The indicator light on the turret roughly shows how much ammunition is stored. Red light means low ammo, yellow means sufficient ammo, green means no need to refill with more. You cant mine crystals in first two objectives Zombie by far have two variations: red zombie and gold zombie. Red zombie has high base health; gold zombie awards your team 30 crystals on death. Batteries are used to power the floor lamps located near the tower Tower has to be alive throughout the game, as well as players. When it glows red, that means it's dying.
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