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New Version of mp_citi_farm from 2015, now also working on linux servers!

Just like our previous maps, Citi Assault, and Citi Farm, this is also set to a woodland style map. This map has many features including waterfalls, a target range for extra fun, weapons room, operational windmill, operational watermill, watertower, two shack style buildings, a ravine, a creek and a railroad Bridge and track with moving trains, but watch out, the trains will hit and kill players. The trains are Dvar controlled and can be set by Server Admin to be stationary or a mix of both. The Cliffs are blocked by rocks, but can be switched to be unblocked by Server Admin Preference. Players would then be allowed to circle the entire map on the cliff line above the main playable area, geared towards sniper Servers. MAP FEATURES: - Many Custom Dvars (See .cfg file for Dvar explainations) - Contains map Config File for Servers. - Moving Trains (Dvar Controlled) (Players Can get hit) - Weapons Room (Ammo, C4, Claymores, Rockets, Grenades, Guns) (Dvar Controlled) - Supports All Default Gametypes + CTF, CTFB, HTF - Player Controlled Objects (Doors) - Easter Eggs, trains, cliffs. - New Drown Sequence. - Dvar to control Map Boundaries/Access to Cliffs. - Dvar to Enable/Disable certain turrets. - Tunnel system connecting all structures. ===== FINAL LINUX MAP UPDATES 1. Changed suicide for train death to radius damage. 2. Fixed Kill Trigger in Ravine, missing FX, no more minefield. (Returns lost Objective) 3. Added Mine Tunnels under the map, adjusted minimap to show tunnels. 4. Added breakable wooden planks at outdoor Tunnel entrance. 5. Added more FX in tunnels and outdoors. (Moths, Bugs, Drips, Falling Dirt) 6. Added more rock cover near Windmill hill. 7. Added a few more trees around Water Tower for cover. 8. Added 3 (Dvar Controlled) MG's on Sandbag Bunkers ontop Train/Car Tunnels. See .cfg for Details. 9. Added 4 more (Dvar Controlled) weapon pickups in Windmill top. See .cfg for Details. 10. Added Gravestones near Water Tower grasslands for cover. 11. Changed underwater player drown movement speed, so players move faster underwater. 12. Added brick cover for (Airstrike, Helicopter) up near sandbags. 13. Added 3 trucks to hide under and in, along the road. 14. Updated Minimap. 15. Updated Loadscreen. 16. Converted wave files to mp3 and packed them in IWD to reduce .FF file size for LINUX servers. 17. Fixed hole under smaller two story building. 18. Moved two spawn points in center building, first floor, players got stuck in open door when spawned. =====




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set scr_badlands_train "1" (0-4) (0=Off No Trains, 1=Both Moving, 2=Both Stationary, 3=One of each, 4=One of each-opposite) (Default=1)
set scr_badlands_fog "1" (0-2) (0=Off No Fog, 1=Light Fog Haze, 2=Dark Fog Haze) (Default=1)
set scr_badlands_cliff "1" (0-1) (0=Access to Cliffs, 1=Access to Cliffs Blocked) (Default=1)
set scr_badlands_drown "1" (0-1) (0=Off, 1=On) (Default=1)
set scr_badlands_weapons "1" (0-1) (0=Off No Weapons Room Gun Pickups, 1=On Weapons Room Gun Pickups Allowed) (Default=1)
set scr_badlands_clip_ammo "1" (0-1) (0=Off No Ammo Pickups, 1=On Ammo Pickups Allowed) (Default=1)
set scr_badlands_c4_ammo "1" (0-1) (0=Off No C4 Pickups, 1=On C4 Pickups Allowed) (Default=1)
set scr_badlands_claymore_ammo "1" (0-1) (0=Off No Claymore Pickups, 1=On Claymore Pickups Allowed) (Default=1)
set scr_badlands_grenade_ammo "1" (0-1) (0=Off No Grenade Pickups, 1=On Grenade Pickups Allowed) (Default=1)
set scr_badlands_rocket_ammo "1" (0-1) (0=Off No Rocket Pickups, 1=On Rocket Pickups Allowed) (Default=1)
set scr_badlands_turret_a "1" (0-1) (0=Off Turret Disabled, 1=On Turret Enabled) (Default=1)
set scr_badlands_turret_b "1" (0-1) (0=Off Turret Disabled, 1=On Turret Enabled) (Default=1)
set scr_badlands_turret_c "1" (0-1) (0=Off Turret Disabled, 1=On Turret Enabled) (Default=1)

(See .cfg file for Dvar explainations)
===== tracking pixel