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**Personal note:** **This is my old, resubmited here map, created in 2009. Unrealistic terrain and first try made of turret. Without tanks and this terrain, it's very good map, but too small for actions. Dont forget - terrorist need destroy CT's tank. You see in credits name SkinnyMan, and you say that guy made this map. I say this guy is me, because this is my VERY old nickname on GB. If you dont trust me - send on email letter.** De_ShockWave ________________________ by SkinnyMan ( Special Thanks: Ritual Standart(Condition Zero-Alamo,Recoil textures) And Me (creator) ________________________ Defend your M1A2"Abrams" tank from terrorist group. Elimenate all opposing force Counter-Terrorists: Prevent Terrorists from bombing tank Terrorists: Destroy tank.No "B" bombplace,only "A" ________________________ Extact to your folder D:\Games\Counter Strike 1.6\ Find a bug? Please,contact me.



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    **Pros:** - The way the map is structured makes the gameplay differ from other bomb maps. It only has 1 bomb site but it is viewable from the T side (room with computer) which balances it a little bit. - Custom models and sounds really add to the quality of the map. It gives you the feeling that you're in war (or that you're playig a game that takes place in war, since I haven't been in war). - I also like the way you used the clipping tool to make debris and the broken window. - As for the textures, sky and lighting I can definitely tell that they blend well together. **Cons:** - So as I said the map has only one bomb site, which isn't bad. The problem is the location of the bomb site based on the map's layout. It's small, so it doesn't matter if the terrorists plant the bomb or not. This also means that the counter terrorists can camp in their base all day and wait. I also found a bad camping spot - Some areas are dark and could be used as camping spots in a deathmatch game. For example these two - I understand what you want to present here, but this kinda decreases the quality of the map. It feels like the map is floating in the air **Improvements:** - I can see 2 possible options to fix the bomb site problem. - 1. You can move it to the center of the map so the CTs don't abuse camping. - 2. You can leave it where it is and extend the layout of the map making the CT spawn in a room behind the tank that is followed by a passage. - 3. Make a second bomb site somewhere in the current layout. I could only think of the room with the computer but I don't know if the computer belongs to the terrorists or the CT's so I'm not sure :) - I would say that the dark areas are optional as right now it gives a little advantage to the terrorists to get in the bomb site ninja style. - If you don't plan on changing the layout of the map, I'd suggest making a gate behind the tank and add some walls or mountain terrain to remove the "floating map" (as I would like to call it) feeling. **Notes:** - It's not a bad map but there's a lot of room for improvements. Some optional but also some that I feel are necessary to make justice of the presentation of the map. - Generally I have mixed feelings about the map as it is right now. I understand that it's an old map of yours so maybe you didn't have the time to improve it at that time and abandoned it. - I give it 8.3 out of 10 because I see a lot of potential in this map.


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noob modder - schiff.


writed in credits SkinnyMan
Ritual Entertainment
Textures, models


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