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A Map for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

Map for 2-12 players

ver. beta3 02.01.15

Important changes:

-altered location map

-added the third floor

-added to the model and texture of hl2ep

-added fog and clouds

dm_cottage for Half life 2 Deathmatch a Half-Life 2 Modification

Stary Oskol,Belgorod region,Russia December ,2 January 2015

------General Information--------------------------------

Title : dm_cottage

Filename(s) : dm_cottage_beta3.bsp

Version : Beta3

Author : _MDL and A-z-booka

Release date :02.01.15

E-mail :

Steam :

Description : Map for 2-12 players

Other maps : dm_home_new_fix,dm_stadium,dm_the_longest_day,dm_Industry_canals, dm_Hangar17,dm_arena_new_final/norpg

Notes : No

------Play Information-----------------------------------

Team Deathmatch : Yes

Deathmatch : Yes

Mod : Half life 2 Deathmatch

Max # of players : 12

HDR : Yes

Secrets : Yes

------Map information-------------------------------------

Editor(s) used : Valve Hammer Editor 4.1

Other Programms : GSFscape,Photoshop

Prefabs used : No

Compile Time :

VVIS: 7 min 21 sec

VRAD: 3 min 36 sec

NOTE:When viewed from the river side of the house,the low FPS.If you have an idea to fix this, please contact me =)

Now I have my own blog with my maps, including this one.



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    Map Critic
    Nice atmosphere in this map: simple yet visually pleasing with a good coherence and attention to detail. The place feels realistic as a riverside estate and everything is in place to make the setup believable. You have a good eye for design with nice brushwork and a good combination of brushes/props/displacements to create a logical and accurate place. The white-ish ambient lighting coupled with dense fog give the place a woodland feel and emphasizes the loneliness of the place. Nice work with brushwork and overall detailing; I liked the curved road and the wood path around the house among other details. The 3 level house brings vertical gameplay element which is always welcome in fast deathmatch setup. You made good efforts in optimizing the map with func_detail, nodraw, areaportals and even occluders but some places, especially when looking at the house from the river, have low fps and suffer from major drops. I’ll try to give my recommendation to further improve the fps on this map. You forgot to add many areaportals that are needed to further cut visibility mainly on windows, doors, internal doors and doorways between different rooms inside the house. Don’t be afraid to use closed state areaportal when the door is unbreakable and is initially closed. You need to add some hint brushes as many visleaves were extremely long covering a big area which will lead to over-rendering additional unneeded visleaves. You can delimit the house edges with some vertical hints as well as place corner hints on the 4 corners of the house. You really need to apply static props fade distance on all small/medium props to help reduce engine overhead and increase fps. Some of the wood fences behind the river are floating mid-air. You might want to lower them until they touch the ground to keep the realism. A nice map that could also serve as a hostage rescue map for Counter-Strike in my opinion. Keep up the good work and good luck.
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    A really really nice one!


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    fair-player and mapper
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    Nice map, man! Good choice to fill the map with trees. The func_smokevolume is very appropriate for this environment, especially for that skybox texture. The fog is really good too. Overall, the map looks pretty realistic.


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    DmN means DiaMoNd


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